Board of Directors

Local elected leaders representing their communities’ needs at monthly MCE Board meetings.
MCE’s Board is made up of local elected representatives from our 38 member communities. Our Board helps ensure that every decision made by MCE reflects the diverse needs and views of our member communities, so we can better serve you! Have ideas about how MCE can improve our service to your community? Provide input at one of MCE’s upcoming board meetings, which are open to the public.

Meet Your MCE Board

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Shanelle Scales-Preston
City of Pittsburg, Chair
Gabriel Quinto

City of El Cerrito, Vice Chair

Aaron Meadows
City of Oakley
Alexis Fineman
Town of San Anselmo
Barbara Coler
Town of Fairfax
Beth Painter
City of Napa
Brianne Zorn
City of Martinez
Charles Palmares
City of Vallejo
Cindy Darling
City of Walnut Creek
David Fong
Town of Danville
Devin Murphy
City of Pinole
Dion Bailey
City of Hercules
Eduardo Martinez
City of Richmond
Eli Beckman
Town of Corte Madera
Elizabeth Pabon-Alvarado
City of San Pablo
Gabe Paulson
City of Larkspur
Gina Dawson
City of Lafayette
Holi Thier
Town of Tiburon
Janelle Kellman
City of Sausalito
John Gioia
County of Contra Costa
K. Patrice Williams
City of Fairfield
Kari Birdseye
City of Benicia
Katie Rice
County of Marin
Kerry Hills
Town of Moraga
Laura Nakamura
City of Concord
Maika Llorens Gulati
City of San Rafael
Mathew Salter
Town of Ross
Matt Rinn
City of Pleasant Hill
Max Perrey
City of Mill Valley
Monica Brown
County of Solano
Ryan Gregory
County of Napa
Sally Wilkinson
City of Belvedere
Scott Perkins
City of San Ramon
Susan Wernick
City of Novato

Board Committees

Committee Members are elected by vote of the Board of Directors at a public meeting.

Executive Committee

MCE’s Executive Committee oversees general issues related to MCE’s legislation, regulatory compliance, strategic planning, outreach and marketing, contracts with vendors, human resources, finance and budgeting, debt, and rate setting.
  • Max Perrey, City of Mill Valley (Committee Chair)
  • Eli Beckman, Town of Corte Madera
  • Cindy Darling, City of Walnut Creek
  • Dave Fong, Town of Danville
  • Maika Llorens Gulati, City of San Rafael
  • Eduardo Martinez, City of Richmond
  • Devin Murphy, City of Pinole
  • Gabriel Quinto, City of El Cerrito
  • Shanelle Scales-Preston, City of Pittsburg
  • Holli Thier, Town of Tiburon
  • Sally Wilkinson, City of Belvedere
  • Laura Nakamura, City of Concord

Technical Committee

MCE’s Technical Committee reviews information and provides direction or approval on topics related to electricity supply, distributed generation, greenhouse gas emissions, energy efficiency, procurement risk management and other topics of a technical nature.
  • Devin Murphy, City of Pinole (Committee Chair)
  • Gina Dawson, City of Lafayette
  • Alexis Fineman, Town of San Anselmo
  • John Gioia, County of Contra Costa
  • Eduardo Martinez, City of Richmond
  • Charles Palmares, City of Vallejo
  • Scott Perkins, City of San Ramon
  • Gabe Quinto, City of El Cerrito
  • Dion Bailey, City of Hercules
  • Barbara Coler, Town of Fairfax

Meet Our Team

Visit our team page to learn more about the passionate individuals shaping the future of MCE.

Interested in becoming an MCE member community?

MCE staff are available for public presentations and meetings with city and town staff to help jurisdictions consider their energy choices. To request MCE membership, communities must submit appropriate documentation and forms. For more information, email us at

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