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MCE serves over 27,000 business customers in 38 communities across the Bay Area. Since 2010, MCE customers have collectively saved over $44 million on energy and eliminated over 300K metric tons of greenhouse gas.

With a range of energy cost-saving and electrification programs, MCE is dedicated to supporting your business’s energy, sustainability, and budgetary goals, to free you up to focus on what matters most to your business.

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Power Your Operations with Renewable Energy

MCE’s renewable energy rates are cost-competitive, stable, and transparent. Your business contributes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions with MCE’s renewable electricity. Explore your renewable energy options and see a list of some of the businesses that have committed to 100% renewable energy.

Explore Programs and Offers

As an MCE business customer, you can take advantage of a variety of energy- and cost-saving programs.

In 2023, MCE business customers:

completed over
which translate to nearly
in energy savings and
in rebates and incentives.

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Greenhouse Gas Reporting

Our Emissions Factor Certification Template (pdf) is available annually for your organization’s voluntary greenhouse gas report to The Climate Registry. MCE’s latest 2022 Emissions Factors are:

  • Light Green = 44 lbs CO2e/MWh
  • Deep Green = 0 lbs CO2e/MWh
  • Total MCE Portfolio = 42 lbs CO2e/MWh
Businesses, municipalities, and other electricity customers can use the Deep Green Cost and Emissions Reduction Form (pdf) to estimate the amount of emissions you would reduce by opting up to Deep Green. For additional information or support calculating your greenhouse gas emissions reduction, please contact us at

How We Generate Power

MCE procures electricity from clean, renewable sources, including solar, wind, biogas, geothermal, and small and large hydroelectric, through both short- and long-term contracts with a variety of power suppliers. Our Feed-In Tariff program also allows local developers to create small renewable energy projects and sell power directly to us at a set price, provided that they are located in our service area. MCE closely researches and monitors its suppliers to ensure that they are using green, responsible practices and sourcing power from renewable energy providers. This combination ensures that your organization’s electricity is as local, clean, and cost-effective as possible.

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