Check the Time from 4 to 9

Simple Energy-Smart Pro Tips

One nice way to use less energy at home during peak hours — take a hike in beautiful Pleasant Hill during sunset!

Save Money and Use Renewable Energy​

When the weather gets extreme, do you notice that your energy use and bill increase, too? You can lower your electric bill and use cleaner energy by remembering one simple thing:

Check the time



When the weather gets extreme, do you notice that your energy use and bill increase, too? You can lower your electric bill and use cleaner energy by remembering one simple thing:

Check the time from 4-9

That’s when rates are more expensive and also when more fossil fuels are on the grid. JOIN US — along with many of your neighbors — by adopting the following hacks that lead to more green, both in your pocket and in our clean energy future. You’ll help prevent polluting fossil fuel power plants from firing up and causing serious health problems for those who live near them.
When demand increases, energy costs rise and fossil fuel plants need to switch on

Tips to Maximize Savings & Renewables

Start with a couple. Add a couple more. Then a couple more. Before you know it you’ll reach 4–9 Energy Superstar status. Make sure you’re on a Time-of-Use (TOU) rate to maximize your savings.

Be One of the (Pre-)Cool Kids

Lower your thermostat to precool your home before 4 pm when rates are cheapest. Then turn it up to 78º from 4–9 pm. Better yet, get smart — a smart thermostat, that is, to change it for you automatically.

I’m Your Biggest Fan

Air conditioning is the biggest energy hog. If you have to use it, use fans to lighten the load and try our pre-cooling tip. It’s OK to fudge a bit if conditions are unbearable, but do what you can without risking your health and safety.

Your Window of Opportunity

If there’s no cool breeze, close your windows. Pull down your shades and close your shutters. Warm air stays out and cooler air stays inside. Late at night, air out your home and chill with a cross breeze.

Get Your Thermostat to Chill Out

Set your thermostat to 68º or lower from 4–9 pm, while you sleep, or when you’re away. A smart thermostat can make this cool move easy, especially one that is controlled by an app so you can adjust it remotely!

Be a Draft Dodger

Fix anything in your home that might be costing you a small fortune: drafts, leaks, or fussy appliances. Insulating windows and doors or getting more energy-efficient appliances will keep you cozy.

Bundle Up to Save a Bundle

Wear your layers, even inside! Space heaters may be a good solution, but make sure they are energy friendly and use them sparingly from 4–9 pm.

Off again. On again.

Run your washer, dryer, and dishwasher after 9 pm or during the day. Many have built-in timers so set them to run outside the 4–9 pm peak-pricing hours. Wake up those appliances and start them running before you go to sleep.

Is now a good time?

With the goal of reducing your energy use from 4–9 pm, remind yourself that peak prices are starting. Ask Alexa. Ask Siri. Ask yourself: Remind me at 4 pm to slow my energy roll. Set a daily alarm.

Get pumped up

Heat pump water heaters preheat water during times of the day when power is cheaper and store the hot water for use during peak times when costs are higher. Learn more on our Home Energy Savings Program page and find  rebates flowing while they last!

Plug into the best of both worlds
The MCE Sync app automates your EV charging at home to use the least expensive and cleanest energy on the grid. Earn a $50 sign-up bonus and up to $10 per month cash back. Smart charging for the win-win!
Credit where credit is due
You deserve up to $20 back into your pocket when you use your home storage battery from 4–9 pm. MCE’s Solar Storage Credit rewards you for using your shine at the right time.
Watch me flexing
Sign up for Flex Alert notifications so when the grid is stretched to critical levels on extremely hot days, you’ll know that reducing your use from 4–9 will help prevent the need for rolling blackouts. Help us power through by powering down.

Show Your Superpower

What are some unusual things you do to reduce your use? Illuminate us with your wisdom! Share your ideas on Facebook and Instagram with #4to9 and tag us @mceCleanEnergy. You’ll encourage others to do the right thing!

Small Actions. Big Difference.

Let’s do this together! You may not think changing a little thing will matter. We get it. But if we all do it, it translates to more savings for you, a big boost for the environment, and healthier air for everyone.

THANK YOU for all that you do!

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