Board Meetings

MCE Board members convening at a monthly public meeting.

MCE is committed to transparency and ensuring that the decisions we make reflect the needs and priorities of our communities. Our Board of locally elected officials, representing each of our member communities, meets every month. All Board meetings are open to the public.

  • Board Meetings — third Thursday of each month at 6:30 pm
  • Technical Committee Meetings — first Friday of each month at 10:00 am
  • Executive Committee Meetings — first Wednesday of each month at 12:00 pm

Regular meeting times may occasionally change or be rescheduled.

Upcoming Meetings

Executive Committee Meeting

August 7, 2024

Technical Committee Meeting

August 2, 2024

Board meeting live stream

Participate in Our Meetings

Community input and participation are central to our mission as your community choice energy provider. All MCE Board meetings are open to the public. We appreciate your support in building an energy future that benefits everyone. We invite you to actively engage in these sessions in the following ways:

Join a meeting

Refer to the details of an upcoming meeting for instructions to join. Every meeting includes a dedicated time for public comment.


Watch a meeting

Board meetings will be live-streamed on this page during scheduled meeting times. Past meeting recordings can be found in our meeting archive below.


Submit a written comment

If you prefer to participate in writing, members of the public can submit written comments to be distributed at an upcoming meeting. To do so, please email by the close of business one day before the scheduled meeting.

Meeting Archive

Meeting TypeDateDetailsAgendaRegulatory Packet(s)Supplemental Packet(s)MinutesVideo
Board of Directors2024July 18, 2024Meeting PacketRegulatory Packet
Technical Committee2024July 5, 2024Meeting Released
Executive Committee2024July 3, 2024Meeting Released
Board of Directors2024June 20, 2024Meeting PacketRegulatory PacketVideo
Technical Committee2024June 7, 2024Meeting Packet
Executive Committee2024June 5, 2024Meeting Packet
Board of Directors2024May 16, 2024Meeting PacketRegulatory PacketMinutesVideo
Technical Committee2024May 3, 2024Meeting Packet
Executive Committee2024May 1, 2024Meeting PacketMinutes
Board of Directors2024April 18, 2024Meeting Released
Technical Committee2024April 5, 2024Meeting PacketMinutes
Executive Committee2024April 3, 2024Meeting PacketMinutes
Board of Directors2024March 21, 2024Meeting PacketRegulatory PacketSupplemental Packet
Executive Committee2024March 6, 2024Meeting Packet
Technical Committee2024March 1, 2024Meeting Released
Board of Directors2024February 15, 2024Meeting PacketRegulatory Packet Part 1 Regulatory Packet Part 2 Regulatory Packet Part 3Video
Executive Committee2024February 7, 2024Meeting Released
Technical Committee2024February 2, 2024Meeting Released
Board of Directors2024January 18, 2024Meeting Released
Technical Committee2024January 5, 2024Meeting Released
Executive Committee2024January 3, 2024Meeting Released
Board of Directors2023December 21, 2023Meeting Released
Executive Committee2023December 6, 2023Meeting PacketSupplemental PacketMinutes
Technical Committee2023December 1, 2023Meeting Packet
Board of Directors2023November 16, 2023Meeting PacketRegulatory PacketSupplemental PacketMinutesVideo
Technical Committee2023November 3, 2023Meeting Released
Executive Committee2023November 1, 2023Meeting Packet
Board of Directors2023October 19, 2023Meeting PacketRegulatory Packet Part 1 Regulatory Packet Part 2 Regulatory Packet Part 3 Regulatory Packet Part 4MinutesVideo
Technical Committee2023October 6, 2023Meeting PacketMinutes
Executive Committee2023October 4, 2023Meeting PacketMinutes
Board of Directors2023September 29, 2023Board Retreat MeetingMinutesVideo
Board of Directors2023September 21, 2023Meeting Released
Executive Committee2023September 6, 2023Meeting Released
Technical Committee2023September 1, 2023Meeting Released
Board of Directors2023August 17, 2023Meeting PacketRegulatory Packet Part 1 Regulatory Packet Part 2 Regulatory Packet Part 3Supplemental PacketMinutesVideo
Technical Committee2023August 4, 2023Meeting Released
Executive Committee2023August 2, 2023Meeting Released
Board of Directors2023July 20, 2023Meeting Released
Technical Committee2023July 7, 2023Meeting Released
Executive Committee2023July 5, 2023Meeting Released
Board of Directors2023June 15, 2023Meeting PacketRegulatory Packet Part 1
Regulatory Packet Part 2
Supplemental PacketMinutesVideo
Executive Committee2023June 7, 2023Meeting Released
Technical Committee2023June 2, 2023Meeting PacketMinutes
Board of Directors2023May 18, 2023Meeting Released
Technical Committee2023May 5, 2023Meeting Released
Executive Committee2023May 3, 2023Meeting PacketMinutes
Board of Directors2023April 20, 2023Meeting PacketRegulatory PacketMinutesVideo
Executive Committee2023April 7, 2023Meeting Released
Technical Committee2023April 6, 2023Meeting Released
Board of Directors2023March 16, 2023Meeting PacketRegulatory PacketMinutesVideo
Executive Committee2023March 3, 2023Meeting PacketMinutes
Technical Committee2023March 2, 2023Meeting Released
Board of Directors2023February 16, 2023Meeting PacketRegulatory Packet Part 1
Regulatory Packet Part 2
Executive Committee2023February 3, 2023Meeting PacketMinutes
Technical Committee2023February 2, 2023Meeting PacketMinutes
Board of Directors2023January 19, 2023Meeting Released
Executive Committee2023January 6, 2023Meeting Released
Technical Committee2023January 5, 2023Meeting Released
Board of Directors2022December 15, 2022Meeting PacketRegulatory PacketMinutesVideo
Executive Committee2022December 2, 2022Meeting PacketMinutes
Technical Committee2022December 1, 2022Meeting Released
Board of Directors2022November 17, 2022Meeting PacketRegulatory PacketMinutesVideo
Executive Committee2022November 4, 2022Meeting PacketMinutes
Technical Committee2022November 3, 2022Meeting PacketMinutes
Board of Directors2022October 20, 2022Meeting PacketMinutesVideo
Executive Committee2022October 7, 2022Meeting PacketMinutes
Technical Committee2022October 6, 2022Meeting Released
Board of Directors2022September 29, 2022Board Retreat MeetingMinutesVideo
Technical Committee2022September 16, 2022Meeting PacketMinutes
Board of Directors2022September 15, 2022Meeting Released
Executive Committee2022September 2, 2022Meeting Released
Board of Directors2022August 18, 2022Meeting PacketRegulatory PacketMinutesVideo
Executive Committee2022August 7, 2022Meeting Released
Technical Committee2022August 4, 2022Meeting Released
Board of Directors2022July 21, 2022Meeting PacketRegulatory PacketMinutesVideo
Technical Committee2022July 7, 2022Meeting Packet
Executive Committee2022July 1, 2022Meeting Packet
Board of Directors2022June 16, 2022Meeting Released
Executive Committee2022June 3, 2022Meeting Released
Technical Committee2022June 2, 2022Meeting Released
Board of Directors2022May 19, 2022Meeting PacketRegulatory Packet Part 1
Regulatory Packet Part 2
Regulatory Packet Part 3
Executive Committee2022May 6, 2022Meeting Released
Technical Committee2022May 5, 2022Meeting PacketMinutes
Board of Directors2022April 21, 2022Meeting Released
Technical Committee2022April 7, 2022Meeting Released
Executive Committee2022April 1, 2022Meeting Released
Board of Directors2022March 17, 2022Meeting PacketRegulatory PacketMinutesVideo
Executive Committee2022March 4, 2022Meeting PacketMinutes
Technical Committee2022March 3, 2022Meeting PacketMinutes
Board of Directors2022February 17, 2022Meeting PacketRegulatory PacketMinutesVideo
Executive Committee2022February 4, 2022Meeting Released
Technical Committee2022February 3, 2022Meeting PacketMinutes
Executive Committee2022January 21, 2022Special Executive Meeting AgendaMinutes
Board of Directors2022January 20, 2022Meeting Released
Executive Committee2022January 7, 2022Meeting Released
Technical Committee2022January 6, 2022Meeting Released
Board of Directors2021December 16, 2021Meeting PacketMinutesVideo
Board of Directors2021December 3, 2021Special Meeting Packet
Executive Committee2021December 3, 2021Meeting PacketSupplemental PacketMinutes
Technical Committee2021December 2, 2021Meeting PacketMinutes
Board of Directors2021November 18, 2021Meeting PacketRegulatory Packet Part 1
Regulatory Packet Part 2
Regulatory Packet Part 3
Executive Committee2021November 5, 2021Meeting PacketMinutes
Technical Committee2021November 4, 2021Meeting Packet
Board of Directors2021October 7, 2021Board Retreat MeetingMinutesVideo
Technical Committee2021October 7, 2021Meeting Released
Executive Committee2021October 1, 2021Meeting PacketMinutes
Board of Directors2021September 16, 2021Meeting Released
Executive Committee2021September 3, 2021Meeting Packet
Technical Committee2021September 2, 2021Meeting PacketMinutes
Board of Directors2021August 19, 2021Meeting Released
Executive Committee2021August 6, 2021Meeting Released
Technical Committee2021August 5, 2021Meeting Released
Board of Directors2021July 15, 2021Meeting PacketRegulatory Packet Part 1
Regulatory Packet Part 2
Executive Committee2021July 2, 2021Meeting PacketAdditional Materials Part 1, Part 2Minutes
Technical Committee2021July 1, 2021Meeting Released
Board of Directors2021June 17, 2021Meeting Released
Executive Committee2021June 4, 2021Meeting Released
Technical Committee2021June 3, 2021Meeting Released
Board of Directors2021May 20, 2021Meeting PacketRegulatory Packet Part 1
Regulatory Packet Part 2
Executive Committee2021May 7, 2021Meeting PacketMinutes
Technical Committee2021May 6, 2021Meeting PacketMinutes
Board of Directors2021April 15, 2021Meeting PacketRegulatory PacketSpecial Board of Directors AgendaMinutesVideo
Executive Committee2021April 2, 2021Meeting Released
Technical Committee2021April 1, 2021Meeting PacketSupplemental PacketMinutes
Board of Directors2021March 18, 2021Meeting PacketRegulatory PacketMinutesVideo
Executive Committee2021March 5, 2021Meeting PacketMinutes
Technical Committee2021March 4, 2021Meeting Released
Board of Directors2021February 18, 2021Meeting PacketRegulatory Packet Part 1
Regulatory Packet Part 2
Executive Committee2021February 5, 2021Meeting PacketMinutes
Technical Committee2021February 4, 2021Meeting PacketMinutes
Board of Directors2021January 21, 2021Meeting Released
Technical Committee2021January 7, 2021Meeting Released
Executive Committee2021January 1, 2021Meeting Released
Board of Directors2020December 17, 2020Meeting Packet
Executive Committee2020December 4, 2020Meeting PacketMinutes
Technical Committee2020December 3, 2020
Board of Directors2020November 19, 2020Meeting PacketRegulatory Packet Part 1, Part 2MinutesVideo
Executive Committee2020November 6, 2020Meeting PacketMinutes
Technical Committee2020November 5, 2020Meeting Released
Board of Directors2020October 15, 2020Meeting Released
Executive Committee2020October 2, 2020Meeting PacketMinutes
Technical Committee2020October 1, 2020Meeting Packet
Board of Directors2020September 18, 2020Meeting PacketSupplemental PacketMinutesVideo
Board of Directors2020September 17, 2020Meeting Released
Executive Committee2020September 4, 2020Meeting Released
Technical Committee2020September 3, 2020Meeting PacketMinutes
Board of Directors2020August 20, 2020Meeting Released
Executive Committee2020August 7, 2020Meeting Released
Technical Committee2020August 6, 2020Meeting Released
Board of Directors2020July 16, 2020Meeting PacketRegulatory PacketMinutesVideo
Executive Committee2020July 3, 2020Meeting Released
Technical Committee2020July 2, 2020Meeting PacketMinutes
Board of Directors2020June 18, 2020Meeting Released
Executive Committee2020June 5, 2020Meeting Released
Technical Committee2020June 4, 2020Meeting Released
Board of Directors2020May 21, 2020Meeting PacketRegulatory PacketSupplemental PacketMinutesVideo
Technical Committee2020May 7, 2020Meeting Released
Executive Committee2020May 1, 2020Meeting Released
Board of Directors2020April 16, 2020Meeting Released
Executive Committee2020April 3, 2020Meeting PacketMinutes
Technical Committee2020April 2, 2020Meeting PacketMinutes
Board of Directors2020March 19, 2020Meeting PacketMinutesVideo
Executive Committee2020March 6, 2020Meeting PacketMinutes
Technical Committee2020March 5, 2020Meeting Released
Board of Directors2020February 20, 2020Meeting Released
Executive Committee2020February 7, 2020Meeting Released
Technical Committee2020February 6, 2020Meeting PacketMinutes
Board of Directors2020January 16, 2020Meeting Released
Executive Committee2020January 3, 2020Meeting Released
Technical Committee2020January 2, 2020Meeting Released
Board of Directors2019December 19, 2019Meeting Released
Executive Committee2019December 6, 2019Meeting PacketMinutes
Technical Committee2019December 5, 2019Meeting PacketMinutes
Board of Directors2019November 21, 2019Meeting PacketRegulatory PacketVideo
Executive Committee2019November 20, 2019Special Meeting AgendaMinutes
Technical Committee2019November 7, 2019Meeting Released
Executive Committee2019November 1, 2019Meeting PacketSupplemental PacketMinutes
Board of Directors2019October 17, 2019Meeting Released
Executive Committee2019October 4, 2019Meeting Released
Technical Committee2019October 3, 2019Meeting Packet
Board of Directors2019September 18, 2019AgendaMinutesVideo
Executive Committee2019September 6, 2019Meeting PacketMinutes
Technical Committee2019September 5, 2019Meeting Released
Board of Directors2019August 15, 2019Meeting Released
Executive Committee2019August 2, 2019Meeting Released
Technical Committee2019August 1, 2019Meeting PacketSupplemental PacketMinutes
Board of Directors2019July 18, 2019Meeting Released
Executive Committee2019July 5, 2019Meeting Released
Technical Committee2019July 4, 2019Meeting Released
Board of Directors2019June 20, 2019Meeting PacketRegulatory PacketMinutesVideo
Executive Committee2019June 7, 2019Meeting PacketMinutes
Technical Committee2019June 6, 2019Meeting PacketMinutes
Board of Directors2019May 16, 2019Meeting Released
Executive Committee2019May 3, 2019Meeting PacketMinutes
Technical Committee2019May 2, 2019Meeting PacketMinutes
Board of Directors2019April 18, 2019Meeting Released
Executive Committee2019April 5, 2019Meeting Released
Technical Committee2019April 4, 2019Meeting PacketMinutes
Board of Directors2019March 21, 2019Meeting PacketRegulatory PacketMinutesVideo
Technical Committee2019March 7, 2019Meeting Released
Executive Committee2019March 1, 2019Meeting PacketSupplemental PacketMinutes
Board of Directors2019February 21, 2019Meeting Released
Technical Committee2019February 7, 2019Meeting PacketMinutes
Executive Committee2019February 1, 2019Meeting PacketMinutes
Board of Directors2019January 28, 2019AgendaMinutes
Board of Directors2019January 17, 2019Meeting Released
Executive Committee2019January 4, 2019Meeting Released
Technical Committee2019January 3, 2019Meeting Released
Board of Directors2018December 20, 2018Meeting Released
Executive Committee2018December 7, 2018Meeting PacketMinutes
Technical Committee2018December 6, 2018Meeting Released
Board of Directors2018November 15, 2018Meeting Released
Executive Committee2018November 2, 2018Meeting Released
Technical Committee2018November 1, 2018Meeting PacketMinutes
Board of Directors2018October 18, 2018Meeting PacketRegulatory PacketSupplemental PacketMinutesVideo
Technical Committee2018October 8, 2018Meeting PacketMinutes
Executive Committee2018October 5, 2018Meeting PacketSupplemental PacketMinutes
Board of Directors2018September 28, 2018Meeting PacketSupplemental PacketMinutesVideo
Executive Committee2018September 7, 2018Meeting Released
Technical Committee2018September 6, 2018Meeting Released
Technical Committee2018August 30, 2018Meeting PacketMinutes
Board of Directors2018August 16, 2018Meeting Released
Executive Committee2018August 3, 2018Meeting Released
Technical Committee2018August 2, 2018Meeting Released
Board of Directors2018July 19, 2018Meeting PacketRegulatory PacketSupplemental PacketMinutesVideo
Executive Committee2018July 6, 2018Meeting PacketSupplemental PacketMinutes
Technical Committee2018July 5, 2018Meeting Released
Board of Directors2018June 21, 2018Meeting Released
Technical Committee2018June 7, 2018Meeting Released
Executive Committee2018June 1, 2018Meeting Released
Board of Directors2018May 17, 2018Meeting PacketMinutesVideo
Executive Committee2018May 4, 2018Meeting PacketMinutes
Technical Committee2018May 3, 2018Meeting PacketMinutes
Board of Directors2018April 19, 2018Meeting PacketMinutesVideo
Executive Committee2018April 6, 2018Meeting PacketMinutes
Technical Committee2018April 5, 2018Meeting PacketMinutes
Board of Directors2018March 15, 2018Meeting PacketSupplemental PacketMinutesVideo
Executive Committee2018March 2, 2018Meeting PacketSupplemental PacketMinutes
Technical Committee2018March 1, 2018Meeting Released
Board of Directors2018February 15, 2018Meeting PacketRegulatory PacketMinutesVideo
Executive Committee2018February 2, 2018Meeting PacketSupplemental PacketMinutes
Technical Committee2018February 1, 2018Meeting PacketMinutes
Board of Directors2018January 18, 2018Meeting Released
Executive Committee2018January 5, 2018Meeting Released
Technical Committee2018January 4, 2018Meeting Released
Board of Directors2017December 21, 2017Meeting Released
Technical Committee2017December 7, 2017Meeting PacketMinutes
Executive Committee2017December 1, 2017Meeting PacketMinutes
Board of Directors2017November 16, 2017Meeting Packet
Executive Committee2017November 3, 2017Meeting PacketMinutes
Technical Committee2017November 2, 2017Meeting PacketMinutes
Board of Directors2017October 19, 2017Meeting PacketRegulatory Packet
Executive Committee2017October 6, 2017Meeting PacketMinutes
Technical Committee2017October 5, 2017Meeting Released
Board of Directors2017September 22, 2017Meeting PacketMinutesVideo
Technical Committee2017September 7, 2017Meeting PacketMinutes
Executive Committee2017September 1, 2017Meeting PacketA1 07 Att. B Draft Statewide Opt-In TOU Pilot Impact Eval. 1st Interim RptMinutes
Board of Directors2017August 17, 2017Meeting Released
Executive Committee2017August 4, 2017Meeting Released
Technical Committee2017August 3, 2017Meeting Released
Board of Directors2017July 20, 2017Meeting PacketRegulatory PacketSupplemental PacketMinutesVideo
Executive Committee2017July 7, 2017Meeting PacketMinutes
Technical Committee2017July 6, 2017Meeting PacketMinutes
Board of Directors2017June 15, 2017Meeting Released
Executive Committee2017June 12, 2017Meeting Packet
Executive Committee2017June 2, 2017Meeting PacketMinutes
Technical Committee2017June 1, 2017Meeting PacketMinutes
Board of Directors2017May 18, 2017Meeting PacketRegulatory PacketMinutesVideo
Executive Committee2017May 5, 2017Meeting Released
Technical Committee2017May 4, 2017Meeting Released
Board of Directors2017April 20, 2017Meeting Released
Executive Committee2017April 7, 2017Meeting PacketSupplemental PacketMinutes
Technical Committee2017April 6, 2017Meeting PacketMinutes
Board of Directors2017March 16, 2017Meeting PacketRegulatory PacketMinutesVideo
Executive Committee2017March 3, 2017Meeting PacketMinutes
Technical Committee2017March 2, 2017Meeting Released
Board of Directors2017February 16, 2017Meeting PacketRegulatory PacketMinutesVideo
Executive Committee2017February 3, 2017Meeting PacketMinutes
Technical Committee2017February 2, 2017Meeting PacketMinutes
Board of Directors2017January 19, 2017Meeting PacketRegulatory PacketMinutesVideo
Executive Committee2017January 13, 2017Meeting PacketSupplemental PacketMinutes
Technical Committee2017January 12, 2017Meeting Released
Board of Directors2016December 15, 2016Meeting Released
Executive Committee2016December 2, 2016Meeting PacketMinutes
Technical Committee2016December 1, 2016Meeting PacketMinutes
Board of Directors2016November 17, 2016Meeting Packet
Executive Committee2016November 4, 2016Meeting PacketMinutes
Technical Committee2016November 3, 2016Meeting PacketMinutes
Board of Directors2016October 20, 2016Meeting Released
Executive Committee2016October 5, 2016Meeting Released
Technical Committee2016October 3, 2016Meeting Released
Board of Directors2016September 29, 2016Retreat Packet
Technical Committee2016September 12, 2016Meeting PacketMinutes
Executive Committee2016September 7, 2016Meeting PacketMinutes
Technical Committee2016September 5, 2016Meeting Released
Board of Directors2016August 18, 2016Meeting Packet
Executive Committee2016August 3, 2016Meeting PacketMinutes
Technical Committee2016August 1, 2016Meeting Released
Board of Directors2016July 21, 2016Meeting Released
Executive Committee2016July 6, 2016Meeting Released
Technical Committee2016July 4, 2016Meeting Released
Board of Directors2016June 16, 2016Meeting Packet
Technical Committee2016June 13, 2016Meeting PacketMinutes
Executive Committee2016June 1, 2016Meeting PacketMinutes
Board of Directors2016May 19, 2016Meeting Packet
Executive Committee2016May 4, 2016Meeting PacketMinutes
Technical Committee2016May 2, 2016Meeting Released
Board of Directors2016April 21, 2016Meeting Packet
Executive Committee2016April 6, 2016Meeting PacketMinutes
Technical Committee2016April 4, 2016Meeting Released
Board of Directors2016March 17, 2016Meeting Packet
Technical Committee2016March 7, 2016Meeting PacketMinutes
Executive Committee2016March 2, 2016Meeting PacketMinutes
Board of Directors2016February 18, 2016Meeting Packet
Executive Committee2016February 3, 2016Meeting PacketMinutes
Technical Committee2016February 1, 2016Meeting Released
Board of Directors2016January 21, 2016Meeting Packet
Executive Committee2016January 13, 2016Meeting PacketMinutes
Technical Committee2016January 11, 2016Meeting PacketMinutes
Board of Directors2015December 17, 2015Meeting PacketMinutesNo Video Available
Technical Committee2015December 7, 2015Meeting Released
Executive Committee2015December 2, 2015Meeting PacketMinutes
Board of Directors2015November 19, 2015Meeting PacketSupplemental PacketMinutesVideo
Executive Committee2015November 4, 2015Meeting PacketMinutes
Technical Committee2015November 2, 2015Meeting Released
Board of Directors2015October 15, 2015Meeting PacketMinutesVideo
Executive Committee2015October 7, 2015Meeting PacketMinutes
Technical Committee2015October 5, 2015Meeting PacketMinutes
Board of Directors2015September 17, 2015Retreat PacketMinutesVideo
Executive Committee2015September 2, 2015Meeting PacketMinutes
Technical Committee2015September 2, 2015Meeting PacketMinutes
Board of Directors2015August 20, 2015Meeting PacketMinutesVideo
Executive Committee2015August 5, 2015Meeting PacketMinutes
Technical Committee2015August 3, 2015Meeting PacketMinutes
Board of Directors2015July 16, 2015Meeting Released
Technical Committee2015July 6, 2015MeetIng PacketMinutes
Executive Committee2015July 1, 2015Meeting PacketMinutes
Board of Directors2015June 18, 2015Meeting PacketSupplemental PacketMinutesVideo
Executive Committee2015June 3, 2015Meeting PacketMinutes
Technical Committee2015June 1, 2015Meeting PacketMinutes
Board of Directors2015May 21, 2015Meeting PacketMinutesVideo
Executive Committee2015May 6, 2015Meeting PacketMinutes
Technical Committee2015May 4, 2015Meeting PacketMinutes
Board of Directors2015April 16, 2015Meeting PacketMinutesVideo
Technical Committee2015April 6, 2015Meeting Released
Executive Committee2015April 1, 2015Meeting Released
Executive Committee2015March 18, 2015Meeting PacketMinutes
Technical Committee2015March 9, 2015Meeting PacketMinutes
Board of Directors2015March 5, 2015Meeting PacketSupplemental PacketMinutesVideo
Executive Committee2015February 18, 2015Meeting PacketMinutes
Technical Committee2015February 9, 2015Meeting PacketMinutes
Board of Directors2015February 5, 2015Meeting PacketSupplemental PacketMinutesVideo
Executive Committee2015January 21, 2015Meeting PacketMinutes
Board of Directors2015January 15, 2015Meeting Released
Technical Committee2015January 12, 2015Meeting PacketMinutes
Executive Committee2014December 17, 2014Meeting PacketMinutes
Technical Committee2014December 8, 2014Meeting PacketMinutes
Board of Directors2014December 4, 2014Meeting PacketSupplemental PacketMinutesVideo
Executive Committee2014November 19, 2014Meeting PacketMinutes
Technical Committee2014November 10, 2014Meeting Cancelled
Board of Directors2014November 6, 2014Meeting PacketSupplemental PacketMinutesVideo
Executive Committee2014October 15, 2014Meeting PacketMinutes
Technical Committee2014October 13, 2014Meeting PacketMinutes
Board of Directors2014October 2, 2014Meeting PacketMinutesVideo
Board of Directors2014September 18, 2014Retreat PacketMinutesVideo
Executive Committee2014September 17, 2014Meeting Released
Technical Committee2014September 8, 2014Meeting Cancelled
Board of Directors2014September 4, 2014Meeting PacketMinutesVideo
Executive Committee2014August 20, 2014Meeting PacketMinutes
Technical Committee2014August 11, 2014Meeting Cancelled
Board of Directors2014August 7, 2014Meeting Released
Executive Committee2014July 16, 2014Meeting PacketMinutes
Technical Committee2014July 14, 2014Meeting PacketMinutes
Board of Directors2014July 3, 2014Meeting PacketMinutesVideo
Executive Committee2014June 18, 2014Meeting PacketMinutes
Technical Committee2014June 9, 2014Meeting PacketMinutes
Board of Directors2014June 5, 2014Meeting PacketSupplemental PacketMinutesVideo
Executive Committee2014May 21, 2014Meeting Released
Technical Committee2014May 12, 2014Meeting PacketMinutes
Board of Directors2014May 1, 2014Meeting PacketSupplemental PacketMinutesVideo
Executive Committee2014April 16, 2014Meeting PacketMinutes
Technical Committee2014April 14, 2014Meeting PacketMinutes
Board of Directors2014April 3, 2014Meeting PacketMinutesVideo
Executive Committee2014March 19, 2014Meeting PacketMinutes
Technical Committee2014March 10, 2014Meeting PacketMinutes
Board of Directors2014March 6, 2014Meeting PacketMinutesVideo
Executive Committee2014February 19, 2014Meeting Released
Technical Committee2014February 10, 2014Meeting PacketMinutes
Board of Directors2014February 6, 2014Meeting PacketSupplemental PacketMinutesVideo
Board of Directors2014January 16, 2014Meeting Released
Executive Committee2014January 15, 2014Meeting PacketMinutes
Technical Committee2014January 13, 2014Meeting Released
Executive Committee2013December 18, 2013Meeting Released
Technical Committee2013December 9, 2013Meeting Released
Board of Directors2013December 5, 2013Meeting PacketMinutes
Executive Committee2013November 20, 2013Meeting Released
Technical Committee2013November 18, 2013Meeting Packet
Board of Directors2013November 7, 2013Meeting PacketSupplemental PacketMinutes
Executive Committee2013October 16, 2013Meeting Packet
Technical Committee2013October 14, 2013Meeting Packet
Board of Directors2013October 3, 2013Meeting PacketSupplemental PacketMinutes
Board of Directors2013September 25, 2013Meeting PacketMinutes
Executive Committee2013September 18, 2013Meeting Packet
Technical Committee2013September 9, 2013Meeting Packet
Board of Directors2013September 5, 2013Meeting PacketMinutes
Executive Committee2013August 21, 2013Meeting Packet
Board of Directors2013August 15, 2013Meeting Released
Technical Committee2013August 12, 2013Meeting Packet
Executive Committee2013July 17, 2013Meeting Released
Board of Directors2013July 11, 2013Meeting PacketMinutes
Technical Committee2013July 8, 2013Meeting Released
Executive Committee2013June 19, 2013Meeting Released
Technical Committee2013June 10, 2013Meeting Packet
Board of Directors2013June 6, 2013Meeting PacketMinutes
Executive Committee2013May 15, 2013Meeting Packet
Technical Committee2013May 13, 2013Meeting Packet
Board of Directors2013May 2, 2013Meeting PacketMinutes
Technical Committee2013April 22, 2013Meeting Packet
Executive Committee2013April 17, 2013Meeting Packet
Board of Directors2013April 4, 2013Meeting PacketMinutes
Executive Committee2013March 20, 2013Meeting Packet
Technical Committee2013March 11, 2013Meeting Packet
Board of Directors2013March 7, 2013Meeting PacketMinutes
Technical Committee2013February 11, 2013Meeting Packet
Board of Directors2013February 7, 2013Meeting PacketMinutes
Executive Committee2013February 2, 2013Meeting Packet
Executive Committee2013January 16, 2013Meeting Packet
Technical Committee2013January 14, 2013Meeting Packet

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