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Learn how MCE is an innovative leader in providing clean energy to local communities.

Welcome to our Energy Learning Hub. Here you can get basic information about important topics related to the energy MCE provides to our communities and how they are key to creating a bright, fossil-free future for us all.

As the first Community Choice Aggregator (CCA) in California, modernizing the energy industry is in our DNA. Providing access to clean energy starts with a modern, resilient, and flexible electric grid that adapts to our ever-shifting needs. But it doesn’t end there. Energy modernization and transition to a clean energy economy require solutions at multiple angles — from smart and efficient home appliances and business equipment to storage options that bring us closer to renewable energy access at all times of the day to training a green-collar workforce to skillfully install new electric equipment. Explore how we procure energy and how we can help you be more efficient with your energy service through our residential and business programs.

Where Our Power Comes From

Our energy comes from clean, renewable sources such as solar, wind, biogas, geothermal, and small hydroelectric, which are as local as possible. We closely research and monitor our suppliers to ensure that they are using green, responsible practices.

When we launched in 2010, our customers not only had a new opportunity to choose their energy service and provider, but our option was also twice as renewable as PG&E’s. Since then, our diligent efforts — involving legislative advocacy and innovative power-purchase agreements — have allowed MCE to reach California’s clean energy target 19 years ahead of schedule. So far, we’ve eliminated over 300,000 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions, the equivalent of not consuming nearly 34 million gallons of gasoline.

“Since launching, we’ve committed over $3 billion to the development of new regional renewables, including solar and wind, and our investments are paying dividends — not for shareholders, but for our communities and the planet.”

Devin Murphy

MCE Board Director and Mayor, City of Pinole

Deepen Your Knowledge

Want to stay informed about the energy market in California? The California Independent System Operator (ISO) is a nonprofit public benefit corporation that oversees the operation of most of the state’s electric power system, transmission lines, and electricity market.

Learn how the state tracks wholesale power market prices

The ISO tracks electricity generation and delivery prices. It supplies this information in real time on its map. You can use this map to explore the latest wholesale pricing and to see current and forecasted energy supply, demand, and emissions.

Energy Efficiency

Energy-efficient homes and buildings use less energy to perform common tasks like heating, cooling, running appliances and other electronic equipment. Energy efficiency is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to combat climate change and reduce energy costs. Reducing our collective energy demand through increased energy efficiency is essential to meeting California’s aggressive climate action goals.

We offer no- and low-cost opportunities to help you enjoy the benefits of a more energy-efficient home or business.

Electrify Your Home

Have you noticed that appliances are going electric? Gas appliances that were generally preferred over their electric counterparts – like stoves, water heaters, and heating systems – now have very competitive electric options that are gaining favor and offering a competitive edge in performance and environmental benefits. Electric appliances help reduce your overall energy use, improve indoor air quality, and provide the same household functions without sacrificing comfort.

Why now? Lawmakers have recognized that building electrification, or switching out gas appliances and equipment for electric options, is a necessary step to fight climate change and meet California’s ambitious climate goals. The transition from conventional appliances is fast approaching and building code requirements are changing; for example, starting in 2030, gas heating and water-heating equipment will no longer be sold in California. Incentives and resources to make the switch are available now.

Solar & Storage Basics

Solar power plus energy storage plays an essential role in modernizing the electric grid by maintaining grid stability, shifting energy from times of peak production to peak consumption, and limiting spikes in energy demand.

Pairing solar panels with battery storage allows you to use your solar energy when the sun isn’t shining or during a power outage. Plus, you can use your own energy instead of drawing from the grid between 4 and 9 pm, when rates are typically highest. If your panels produce more energy than you need, and your storage battery is full, excess power flows back to the grid and you could get a credit on your bill.

Explore solar power and storage, and the flexibility you can have with the energy you make.

EV Basics

EVs can be cheaper in the long run. Falling retail prices of EVs coupled with tax incentives and rebates, 60% lower on average energy/fuel costs, and overall lower maintenance costs make EVs a popular option.

In terms of emissions, an average new battery EV produces roughly half the global warming pollution over its lifetime — from manufacturing to operation to disposal — as a comparable gasoline or diesel vehicle. Driving the average EV in the U.S. produces the emissions equivalent of a gasoline vehicle that gets 91 miles per gallon.

Our EV Basics page has helpful information on benefits, charging, rates, and more. Make your purchase more affordable with incentives and rebates.

Power Your Business

The more your business grows and flourishes, the better you can serve your customers and support your employees. Our diverse program offerings help businesses of all types, sizes, and industries to:
  • Enhance their energy efficiency to save on energy costs
  • Improve workplace safety, health, and productivity
  • Showcase their commitment to a clean energy future for customers and stakeholders

No matter how simple or complex your business may be, MCE has solutions for you. Learn how you can operate your business with renewable energy and take advantage of our innovative programs and rebates to help reduce your energy usage and costs.

Contractor Resources & Training

The green workforce is the heart of energy modernization and integral to advancing a just and equitable clean-energy economy. Without the installers, contractors, and skilled workers who operate in our communities, we would not be able to enjoy the benefits of cleaner energy, healthier homes, and efficient workplaces.

We help local contractors and energy professionals prepare their business for the all-electric future. The transition from gas to electric appliances is already underway, and customers in California are taking advantage of tax credits and rebate programs to make these upgrades more affordable. Our workforce development and training programs help you level up your business with online courses and resources on local incentive programs, best practices on installing heat-pump technologies, referrals to bid on energy-efficiency programs, and stipends to grow your business and hire new staff.

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