Solar Billing Plan (SBP)

Customers who have solar or other renewable technologies — like wind and fuel cells — at their homes or businesses will be billed under the Solar Billing Plan (SBP) if they meet one of the following conditions:

  • Have a new installation and completed a Permission to Operate (PTO) application with PG&E after April 14, 2023
  • Are an existing Net Energy Metering customer whose 20-year legacy period has expired

If you are on the Solar Billing Plan, completed your application after April 14, 2023, and received your PTO before April 15, 2024 — you will be temporarily billed under the existing NEM program for one year until your next true-up cycle. 

If you are transitioning from Net Energy Metering to the Solar Billing Plan — you will be able to keep all of your solar credits when you transition to the new plan.

How It Works

Under the Solar Billing Plan, all customers will be transitioned to the E-ELEC rate schedule and both electricity delivery and electricity generation charges/credits are settled on a monthly basis. At the end of each 12-month period from April to March, MCE will conduct its annual cash-out.

Monthly billing will include:
  • Charges for electricity imported from the electric grid at retail time-of-use rates
  • Solar export credits at the applicable Energy Export Credit Value, which reflects the value of power to the grid at any given time (wholesale rate)
  • Additional bill credits for those receiving service under special conditions
    • MCE Solar Bonus Credit equal to 10% of the total Energy Export Credits earned during that billing period. All customers receive the MCE Solar Bonus Credit.
    • Energy Export Bonus Credit for all residential solar customers who add a solar system between 2023 and 2027. Low-income customers will receive a slightly higher Energy Export Bonus Credit.
Year of Solar System Residential $/kWh Low-Income $/kWh
    • CARE/FERA Solar Credit of $0.05/kwh for all income qualified customers
    • MCE Solar Storage Credit for all customers who have a battery and enroll in the program, $10 per month for systems less than 20 kWh and $20 for systems greater than 20 kWh
MCE’s Annual Cash-out

At the end of the annual cash-out period each spring, if you’ve produced more electricity than you’ve used, you’ll be eligible for a cash-out payment based on your surplus electricity. 

  • Cash-out payments are valued at the net surplus compensation rate, or the average wholesale rate during solar generating hours over the past 12 months.
  • Active accounts with eligible balances over $200 will automatically receive a check at the mailing address they have on record (subject to a maximum of $5,000 per account).
  • Eligible balances of $200 or less will receive a bill credit on a subsequent bill.
  • If you have any excess Energy Export Credits remaining at the time of cash-out, they will roll over to the next cycle for use in future billing cycles.

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