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The community choice model is a commitment to locally led efforts for a sustainable future. From individual lifestyle adjustments to large-scale industrial changes, our communities are building a cleaner, greener, and more resilient environment that works for everyone.

In 2010, local advocates launched MCE as California’s first Community Choice Aggregation electricity provider to give their communities a true, renewable alternative that was not-for-profit and governed at the local level.

Today, MCE serves over 1.5 million people with clean energy service and cutting-edge energy programs across 38 communities. With the help of local leadership, champion businesses, and individuals like you, MCE is creating a brighter future for ourselves, the ones we love, and all living things on this planet. Discover what we’ve accomplished together.



people empowered with clean electricity


Metric Tons

of CO2 equivalent greenhouse gas emissions reduced



reinvested in local communities

Reducing emissions

Turning away from polluting energy sources and toward clean, sustainable energy sources has never been easier or more critical. MCE procures electricity from renewable sources such as solar, wind, biogas, geothermal, and small hydroelectric, making it possible for everyone to have access to clean energy service.

MCE achieved its goal of providing at least 95% greenhouse gas-free energy one year earlier than expected and nearly two decades before California’s 95% renewable and carbon-free goal. MCE is also investing in electrification, energy efficiency, and fossil-free mobility initiatives.


Metric Tons
of CO2 equivalent greenhouse gas emissions reduced


of new regional renewables



in Energy Efficiency Rebates Disbursed



in Energy Bill Savings

Energy equity and affordability

MCE is committed to providing tailored programs and services that advance energy equity and affordability and address environmental justice issues in our service area, which include increasing access to bill discounts, energy efficiency upgrades, electrification measures, and clean transportation.

MCE collaborates with local organizations doing feet-on-the-street work in addressing inequities to better respond to the concerns of underrepresented and historically marginalized communities through collaboration and open dialogue.

Energy resilience and reliability

We’re ensuring grid reliability with clean energy resources to reduce the need for polluting fossil fuels while alleviating grid outages that threaten our community’s safety, health, and welfare. These negative impacts typically hit the most vulnerable populations hardest. MCE is building distributed energy resources, such as batteries, smart thermostats, and electric vehicle charging equipment, and creating demand response programs that reduce energy use and encourage energy use when clean energy is abundant.

MCE is also working with customers to ensure access to cleaner backup power resources, helping keep the lights on without fossil fuel resources that can worsen indoor air quality.



reinvested in energy resiliency



portable batteries provided to medically vulnerable residents


green jobs

supported in California



in local employment and sponsorships

Sustainable workforce

MCE champions a thriving clean energy economy that yields both environmental and economic benefits. We’re dedicated to fostering a just transition by generating sustainable, well-paying jobs in renewable energy.

Our sustainable workforce guidelines that require local hire, prevailing wage, and union labor on local projects. MCE supports entry into long-term, well-paying green careers through a variety of education and training initiatives in partnership with local contractors and workforce development organizations. Our focus includes empowering underserved communities, such as low-income individuals and previously incarcerated residents.

Clean transportation

Transportation is the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in California. MCE is increasing access to carbon-free mobility solutions for all with income-qualified EV rebates and by investing in charging stations at multifamily properties and public workplaces.

MCE is driving new innovation for clean transportation and in 2021 launched the MCE Sync app to help drivers automate EV charging to use the least expensive and cleanest energy on the grid.


EV charging ports

installed and committed locally



in income-qualified EV rebates for 447 new EV drivers

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