EV Instant Rebate

Up to $3,500 off the purchase or lease of a qualifying EV

Save at Participating Dealerships

MCE’s EV Instant Rebate program offers a discount when you buy or lease a qualified vehicle at a participating dealership. Rebates can’t be claimed after the transaction is completed.

What You’ll Get

$3,500 instant rebate for purchasing or leasing a new EV or plug-in hybrid
$2,000 instant rebate for purchasing or leasing a pre-owned EV or plug-in hybrid
Customer support to help you take advantage of additional rebates and incentives. Some incentives require application and approval before purchasing your EV

Who’s Eligible

To be eligible to participate, you must:

  • Be an MCE customer
  • Purchase or lease a qualifying new or used EV or plug-in hybrid from a participating dealership
  • Keep your EV for at least 24 consecutive months after the purchase or lease date
  • Register your new EV with the DMV at the address associated with your PG&E bill
  • Meet one of the following criteria:
  • CalWORKs/TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Program)
  • CAPI (Cash Assistance Program for Immigrants)
  • Clean Cars 4 All (CC4A)
  • Clean Vehicle Assistance Program (CVAP)
  • Drive Clean Assistance Program (DCAP)
  • Medicaid
  • Medi-Cal (Income-Qualified Medi-Cal Only)
  • Section 8 Rental Certificate Program for Very Low- and Extremely Low-Income Classifications (HUD)
  • SSI (Supplemental Security Income)
Household Size Maximum Combined Household Income*
1 $60,240
2 $81,760
3 $103,280
4 $124,800
5 $146,320
6 $167,840
7 $189,360
8 $210,880
* A household includes all people, including the rebate applicant, who reside together and/or share common living expenses. These income levels are equal to 400% of the 2024 Federal Poverty Level Guidelines. Income verification is completed for all members of the household ages 18+ years. Note: Roommates are considered part of the applicant’s household unless they have a separate lease.

How It Works


Find a participating dealer

Choose from our list of dealerships. If you’d like to purchase an EV from a dealership not currently on our list, let us know by completing this form and we’ll work to get them added.

Apply for pre-purchase EV incentives before you buy or lease by using our Rebate & Incentive Finder.


Purchase an eligible EV

Buy or lease a qualifying new or used EV or plug-in hybrid. The dealership will verify if you’re eligible for MCE’s EV Instant Rebate.

Receive your instant rebate when you buy!

MCE’s EV Instant Rebate will be provided by the retailer or dealer at the time of purchase. 


Get help applying for post-purchase incentives. Contact us at instantrebates@mceCleanEnergy.org or (628) 272-9910.

Meet Our Partner

Energy Solutions will support you through MCE’s EV Instant Rebate program and assist you with applying for additional rebates. A clean energy implementation firm, Energy Solutions also enrolls and trains car dealerships so that more customers can get instant savings when purchasing an EV.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. At this time there’s no limit to the number of EV Instant Rebates per household.

MCE considers an EV to be “new” if it has an odometer reading of less than 7,500 miles and has never been the subject of a retail sale or previously registered.

Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV), which are EVs with a gas back-up, are eligible for both the MCE and the state’s Clean Vehicle Rebate Project (CVRP) rebates.

However, gas hybrids with no plug-in option are not eligible since these vehicles run solely on gas.

See the list of all eligible EVs.

Enrolled dealerships confirm that customers receive MCE service and meet the eligibility requirements prior to providing the MCE Instant Rebate as a discount on their purchase contract or lease agreement. Dealers get full rebate repayment within two weeks plus a sales incentive, or spiff, for each qualifying sale.

To become a participating dealership, dealers must meet the following criteria:

  • Sell qualifying EVs
  • Sell directly to MCE Customers
  • Sign a Dealer Participation Agreement, and other enrollment documents as provided by MCE’s partner, Energy Solutions
  • Participate in program training

To find out more, reach out to the Instant Rebates team at (628) 272-9910 or instantrebates@mceCleanEnergy.org.

Please reach out to the EV Instant Rebates team at (628) 272-9910 and they can work with the dealership to enroll them as a participating dealer.

When purchasing or leasing an EV from Tesla, follow the steps below to ensure the MCE EV Instant Rebate is applied to your transaction:

  1. Make a Reservation: reserve a vehicle for purchase or lease from Tesla. You may have to pay a fee to make a reservation.
  2. Ask about the MCE EV Instant Rebate: a Tesla representative should reach out to you to finalize your paperwork or coordinate vehicle pickup or delivery. Express your interest in the MCE EV Instant Rebate as a discount to the Tesla representative. If the Tesla representative doesn’t know about the MCE EV Instant Rebate or tells you that you must apply for the rebate after you receive delivery, ask them to search their internal knowledge base for “MCE” for more information. If they need more information, have them call the Energy Solutions EV Instant Rebate support team for assistance: (628) 272-9910.
  3. Sign the Customer Eligibility Form: the Tesla representative should provide you with an MCE Customer Eligibility Form which asks for some basic information to determine your eligibility.
  4. Receive the MCE EV Instant Rebate: if you are eligible, the MCE EV Instant Rebate will be included as a line-item discount on your sales contract or lease agreement.
    If you expect to receive an MCE EV Instant Rebate but don’t see the Instant Rebate on your sales contract or lease agreement, do not complete the transaction. If you complete the transaction and the MCE EV Instant Rebate isn’t applied, you will no longer be eligible to receive the rebate.
  5. Get Your Tesla Delivered: coordinate with the Tesla representative to arrange delivery of your EV. Tesla will take care of filing your rebate with MCE.

No, participating dealers will provide you with the rebate application when you’re making your purchase.

If you’re purchasing from a participating dealer, reach out to the sales or finance person that you’re working with and ask them to provide you with the MCE EV Instant Rebates application form and apply the rebate as a discount or to call the Instant Rebates team at (628) 272-9910 if they have any questions about the process.

No, MCE EV Instant Rebates can only be claimed as a discount at the time of lease or purchase of a qualified vehicle from a participating dealer.


Complete this form or call us at (628) 272-9910 to reach MCE’s EV Instant Rebate support team.

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