How Does

MCE Work?

MCE buys and builds cleaner energy for you as with this Feed-In-Tariff project at Cooley Quarry in Marin County.

MCE is California’s first Community Choice Aggregation program providing fossil-free electricity service to residents and businesses in Contra Costa, Marin, Napa, and Solano Counties.

What is a CCA?

CCA stands for Community Choice Aggregation. It’s a California program that allows cities and counties to provide local homes and businesses with alternative, often greener and more affordable energy while still using PG&E for delivery and billing.

You and your neighbors can choose who you buy your electricity from, have local control over how your rates are set, and have access to new energy incentives and rebates. That’s what Community Choice Aggregators (CCAs) are all about.

By combining the electricity needs of neighbors and local businesses, CCAs can negotiate better terms with suppliers that offer cleaner power sources.

State law says that CCAs become the default, or first provider of energy service. Instead of automatically starting service with PG&E, new accounts start service with MCE. But customers have a choice! You can switch to PG&E whenever you wish.

How MCE works

MCE is a locally controlled, not-for-profit public agency. We source and buy your fossil-free power, and PG&E delivers it to your home or business.

It begins when you plug in an appliance or switch on a light. 



Benefit from cleaner air, stable rates, choice, and local control



Delivers energy, maintains lines, and sends bills


Buys and builds fossil-free energy for you

What You Get With MCE

MCE, like other CCAs, sources and purchases your power. We negotiate to secure the lowest rates from clean and fossil-free electricity sources. This electricity is put onto the grid along with sources from other energy suppliers. From the grid, it is delivered to you by the power lines and poles owned by PG&E.

Power for All of Us

MCE is a locally controlled, not-for-profit public agency. We exist to serve residents and businesses by providing electricity at competitive, stable rates.

Clean & Green

CCAs often offer more choices for clean and renewable energy options. This power is friendlier to the environment.

Save Energy & Money
MCE offers cost-saving programs, rebates, and education to lower bills while maximizing energy efficiency.

Why should you choose MCE?

Stable, Affordable Rates

Our customers have saved $44 million since 2010.

Cleaner Air

We provide fossil-free energy to reduce pollution and combat climate change.

Community Power

We support local businesses and contribute to the economic growth of our communities.

How MCE and CCAs Provide Cleaner Energy

With MCE as your electricity provider, you get cleaner energy at a cost that is competitive with — and often cheaper than — PG&E’s rates.

MCE shops for stable, competitively priced energy that’s generated from a variety of renewable sources, including solar, wind, biogas, geothermal, and small hydroelectric. We research and monitor our suppliers to ensure that they are using green, responsible practices. Not only is our power more renewable, it’s also as local as possible.

Energy sourced from fossil fuels is one of the largest contributors to harmful greenhouse gases in the nation. MCE’s mission is to make it easier for our customers to choose an electric service that contributes more renewable energy to the electric grid. By choosing MCE as your electricity provider, you are reducing pollution and helping the environment.

MCE has met California’s aggressive 2040 goal of 95% carbon-free energy,


ahead of schedule

Ready to learn more?

MCE is meeting state renewable energy and climate goals years ahead of schedule, ensuring grid reliability, boosting the green economy, and addressing environmental justice issues. With your help, MCE is creating a brighter future for ourselves, the ones we love, and all living things on this planet.

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