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What to Know Before You Opt Out of MCE

Nearly 90% of electricity users in your area stay with MCE for renewable energy options at a cost similar to PG&E’s. But if you prefer to choose PG&E as your electricity generation provider, we are here to help you. Before we finalize your enrollment in PG&E, we want to share the following information with you:

We know that energy bills can be complicated. You are not being charged an additional fee for MCE service. All electricity statements include generation, transmission, and delivery. MCE provides generation services in place of PG&E for the communities we serve. The separation between these charges are shown on the PG&E Delivery Charges Page and the MCE Generation Charges page.

As shown in the sample bill below, the Generation Credit shown on the PG&E Delivery Charges page is the amount that PG&E would charge for the service that MCE provides. If you choose PG&E, the Generation Credit will change to a Generation Charge and you will be billed that amount. 


Do you need help reducing your bill?

If you are interested in learning about discount programs and payment assistance options, we are here to help guide and support you. 

Change to MCE’s Light Green Service
If you’re enrolled in Deep Green and need a lower cost option, we can change your service to Light Green.

Rate Implications for Opting Out

Option 1 – Opt out of MCE at the start of the next possible billing period.

This option will return you to PG&E generation rates at the beginning of the next applicable billing cycle. MCE will stop billing you for electricity generation services, which will be replaced by PG&E electricity generation services billed at the transitional rate for six months. PG&E’s transitional rate is based on energy market prices and can vary over the six-month period; these rates may be either higher or lower than standard rates. After this transitional period, your electricity generation charges will be based on PG&E’s standard, bundled rates. For more information on PG&E’s transitional rate, please contact PG&E at (866) 743-0335 or visit pge.com/assets/rates/tariffs/tbcc


Option 2 – Opt out from MCE with a Six-Month Advance Notice to PG&E.

By providing PG&E a six-month advance notice that you intend to return to their service, you will be excluded from the above transitional rates. Customers selecting this option will be transitioned to PG&E six months after the opt-out request. At the conclusion of the six-month period, MCE generation charges will be replaced by PG&E’s standard bundled rates.

State Law Prohibits a Quick Return to MCE’s Services

If you’ve used MCE service for 60 days or more and then switch to PG&E, state law dictates that you must remain with PG&E for at least one year before you have the option to return back to MCE, even if MCE costs less than PG&E.

Opt Out Frequently Asked Questions

There is no charge for opting out of MCE before or within the first 60 days of service. Opt-out requests after 60 days of MCE service are charged a one-time administrative fee ($5 per residential account; $25 per commercial account) and PG&E’s terms and conditions of service prohibit you from returning to MCE for at least one year.
Historically, investor-owned utilities have been the default service provider for customers in their jurisdictions. However, in 2002, when state legislators passed California’s Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) law, this default status was transferred from the investor-owned utility to the local community choice aggregator (CCA) when available. MCE is California’s first operating CCA program. The original CCA legislation, seeing the wisdom of collective community action, mandated that the customers residing in the service area would automatically be enrolled, unless they chose not to participate by opting out.
If you opt out within the first 60 days of MCE service, you can return to MCE service at any time. If you’ve used MCE service for 60 days or more and then switch to PG&E, state law dictates that you must remain with PG&E for at least one year before you have the option to return to MCE, even if MCE costs less than PG&E.

NEM solar customer FAQ

If you have rooftop solar on your home, you may have some additional questions.

Everyone’s electricity service includes generation (provided by your choice of MCE or PG&E) and transmission and delivery (provided by PG&E). Installing solar does not eliminate the need for generation service, as your panels will likely not produce enough to cover your usage during the winter and on cloudy days. Most new solar customers choose to continue receiving MCE services under our Net Energy Metering (NEM) program. MCE’s NEM credits customers for electricity they export to the grid and charges them for electricity they import on a monthly basis. Any accrued credits are applied to subsequent months and cashed out in the spring.

We understand your concern about the electricity charges on your bill. You are seeing these charges because your NEM credits have run out. This is common in the winter months as solar arrays generate less electricity (due to shorter days and less sunshine). When the credits of your previous excess solar generation are used up, MCE helps to meet your demand for electricity. When your panels are able to produce power that exceeds your usage, you will no longer see MCE charges and will start to see the credits on your bill again.

If You’d Still Like to Opt Out and Choose PG&E

We’re sad to see you go, and we hope you’ll consider returning in 12 months, once you are legally permitted to re-enroll.
For assistance, contact us at info@mceCleanEnergy.org or (888) 632-3674, Mon–Friday 9 am to 5 pm.

Stay With MCE

MCE delivers clean, renewable energy at competitive rates. To help you make an informed decision, please consider the following information before you go:

Environmental Impact

MCE provides competitively priced energy from a variety of renewable sources. If you remain an MCE customer, you are reducing pollution, helping the environment, and contributing more renewable energy to the electric grid.

Community Benefit

MCE is a locally controlled, not-for-profit public agency. We reinvest in the communities we serve through local renewable projects, programs that benefit our customers, and green-collar jobs.

Programs, Incentives & Rebates

MCE offers programs, incentives, rebates, and education to help you save money and energy.

Currently the average MCE customer saves 3% on their total electricity bill compared with PG&E.

MCE’s electricity generation charges are NOT an added fee; they simply replace what PG&E charges for the same service.

We are happy to answer your questions. Please contact us at info@mceCleanEnergy.org or (888) 632-3674.

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