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Continuing conversations after the CPUC’s Annual Supplier Diversity En Banc.

MCE offers many opportunities for employment, contracting, and collaboration. Work with us to bring renewable power, savings, and local energy programs to our customers in four Bay Area counties.

Employment Opportunities

Join the MCE team and be a driving force in California’s green energy revolution. We’re a diverse collective of changemakers from all walks of life who unite in our mission to shape sustainable, resilient communities and protect our planet for generations to come.

Be a part of this vital transformation and embrace a career that blends passion with purpose. MCE is where your vision for a cleaner world becomes action.

Supplier Diversity

Local women-, minority-, and LGBTQ-owned businesses can find more opportunities by certifying with the California Public Utilities Commission’s Supplier Clearinghouse.

Contracting Opportunities for Local Businesses

MCE contracts with a diverse spectrum of businesses on many types of projects and programs, both energy and non-energy related.

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Construction MCE Freethy Industrial Park

Resources for Local Contractors and Construction Workers

MCE offers contractors resources through our Green Workforce Pathways program. Numerous benefits are available, including technical assistance and cash to train and hire new staff.

Want to work in the green construction industry?

Are you interested in jump-starting your green construction career? MCE’s Green Workforce Pathways program offers free career coaching, help with resume building and interviewing skills, and matchmaking with future employers. Apply by contacting our program partner, SEI, at

Opportunities for local renewable energy project developers and property owners

Sell your energy directly to MCE. Our Feed-in Tariff program provides a fixed-price long-term contract for small-scale renewable energy projects located in MCE’s service area.

Energy Procurement Opportunities

Are you an energy supplier seeking new business opportunities? Developers and owners of renewable energy projects can help fulfill MCE’s future resource requirements. We offer contracting opportunities for energy-related services through RFOs and bilateral transactions.

Collaborate with MCE

Interested in helping MCE spread the word about its mission, services, and program offerings in your local community? Or do you want to provide feedback?

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Energy supply project development

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Energy efficiency, EV, and load shifting program implementation and evaluation

Non-energy related services and construction

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