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Earn a $50 Sign-up Bonus and $10 per Month Cash Back

The MCE Sync app helps you automate your EV charging at home to use the least expensive and cleanest energy on the grid.

What You’ll Get

Get a one-time $50 bonus for enrolling and charging your EV. Earn $10 per month in additional cash back by charging during low-carbon events.
Save $100 or more per year when MCE Sync automatically charges your EV during the least expensive off-peak hours, based on your electricity rate, and passes the savings back to you. This only applies to EV and other Time-of-Use rates.
Fully charged by the time you need. Set your “ready by” time in the app, plug your car in, and let MCE Sync take care of the rest. If you need an immediate charge, boost your charging at the tap of a button.
Track your EV energy consumption, cost, and savings for all your charging at home and on the go.

Who’s Eligible

To qualify, you must:

  • Be an MCE customer located in MCE’s service area
  • Be enrolled in any residential electricity rate plan — greater bill savings may be seen on an EV or other Time-of-Use rate
  • Have one of the compatible EVs or home chargers listed below
  • BMW
    3 Series PHEV (2016+), 5 Series PHEV (2017+), 7 Series PHEV (2017+), i3 (2014-2021), i3 (+Rex) (2014-2021), i8 (2014-2021), X3 PHEV (2021-2021), X5 PHEV (2016+)
  • Chevrolet (OnStar Subscription Required)
    Bolt EUV (2022+), Bolt EV (2017+), Volt (2011-2019)
  • Ford
    Mustang Mach-E (2021+), F-150 Lightning
  • Tesla
    Tesla Model X (All Models), Tesla Model Y (All Models), Tesla Model S (All Models), Tesla 3 (All Models)
  • Toyota RAV4 Prime (2021+)
  • Volkswagen
    e-Golf (2015-2020)
  • ChargePoint Home or HomeFlex (internet-connected models only)
Join the waitlist to be notified if additional EVs and chargers are added.

How It Works


Download the MCE Sync app

Visit the Apple App Store or Google Play. Follow the prompt to provide the email address associated with your PG&E account. You can find this email address by logging into your PG&E account and viewing your profile.

Sync up

Connect your vehicle or charger using your existing manufacturer login details. You’ll get a one-time $50 bonus for your first charge.


Earn cash back

Get $10 per month in additional cash back by charging during low-carbon events. You’ll receive a push notification on your phone notifying you of a low-carbon window.


Share with other EV drivers

Refer your friends and get $25 more. Share your invite code by tapping “Invite a Friend” in the Account Tab. You can invite up to five friends who are eligible MCE customers.

Not Eligible Yet?

Don’t see your EV or charger on the compatibility list? Join the MCE Sync waitlist to be the first to know when additional EVs and home chargers are added to the MCE Sync app. 

Meet Our Partner operates the MCE Sync app and provides the smart-charging algorithm that lets MCE customers save money, earn cash back, and charge their EVs with renewable energy. is a Certified B Corporation® with a mission to make EV charging greener, cheaper, and smarter for everyone.


Contact us at

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you download the MCE Sync app, we’ll ask you to connect to your vehicle or charger using the username and password on your Tesla, Chevrolet, Volkswagen, Jaguar, Land Rover, or ChargePoint account. This uses the same process, called OAUTH2, as you might have used to log in to a website using your Facebook or Gmail account.

You can earn $10 per month by charging during at least two low-carbon events per month. Low-carbon events are designed to shift EV charging toward daytime hours when renewable energy is abundant on the grid. You’ll receive a push notification on your phone notifying you of a low-carbon window.

To participate, all you need to do is plug your vehicle in before or during the low-carbon window and set your ready-by time in the MCE Sync app for after the low-carbon window is over. Your vehicle will be charged with especially low-carbon energy, and you’ll earn a reward point!

MCE Sync incentives and sign-up bonuses are paid via PayPal payments to the email address associated with the MCE Sync app account. For new enrollees, sign-up incentives are paid within two weeks after the participant completes the onboarding process, connects their EV, and completes their first smart charge. Monthly incentives are paid within the first two weeks of a new calendar month for eligible recipients. 

We don’t see or store your username and password. Once you enter your username and password, we instantly exchange them with the vehicle or charger manufacturer for a secure token that allows MCE Sync to be able to continue to optimize your charging throughout the program. This token is stored securely and encrypted in’s cloud platform, hosted by Amazon Web Services.

MCE’s partner,, will take a reading of your EV’s battery level to calculate how many kWh of charge is required to get your vehicle to the battery level you specified inside the vehicle. will also use the account to start charging at the optimal time and stop the charging session once your car’s battery reaches the desired level before the “ready-by” time you specify in the MCE Sync app.


MCE combines your charging data with that of all the other program participants and aggregates it into a set of metadata that is stored on’s secure servers, which are hosted by Amazon Web Services.


Once you unenroll from the program per the above instructions, we’ll no longer be able to optimize charging on your vehicle, and you’ll need to re-enter your login details into the app if you want to re-enroll in the program. Any data from your charging sessions will be combined with other customers’ data. This anonymous aggregate data will be analyzed by MCE to assess the program’s benefits to the decarbonization and stability of the California power grid.

We don’t control the charging on your vehicle when you’re anywhere outside of a 500-foot radius of the home address you set in the MCE Sync app. Charging at any other location (e.g., at superchargers or your place of work) will be tracked so you can see the energy you use, but it won’t be controlled.

MCE Sync is currently configured to support only one EV per account. We plan to support more than one EV on the same account in the future. It’s possible to connect more than one EV to your MCE Sync account if both vehicles are connected to the same OEM account (e.g., two Teslas connected to the same Tesla account); however, hasn’t fully tested how the MCE Sync app performs with multiple EVs connected to the same account and therefore can’t guarantee its reliability.

If you get a new vehicle or accidentally select the wrong model or trim, you’ll want to update your vehicle details to ensure the best possible experience. Selecting the correct vehicle in your account allows us to accurately estimate the charging time and create a smart-charging schedule that works for your needs — whether that’s ready-by time, off-peak hours, or the least carbon-intensive hours.

To update your vehicle, please tap the “Account” tab and then “Vehicle Details” near the top of the screen. Once in “Vehicle/Car Details,” you’ll see the name, account (if it’s an integrated vehicle), make, model, and trim of your current vehicle. At the bottom of this page, tap “Update car.”

There are three categories that you can update — each one will populate with the appropriate options as you go down the list. If, for example, you used to own a BMW i3 Range Extender (33 kWh) and now have a Tesla Model X 100D (100kWh), you need first to change the make, then model, and finally trim. If you simply chose the wrong trim, you can skip the others and just go to “Trim.” Tap “Save Changes,” and you’re finished!

If you run into any issue while changing vehicles, contact us for assistance at and we’ll be happy to help.

Due to a phasing out of the 3G network by cellular carriers, vehicle manufacturers will no longer support certain internet-connected services starting in February 2022 for select vehicles. The decision to phase out 3G network technology was made at the discretion of the respective cellular carriers and lies beyond the control of MCE and the auto manufacturers.

This may affect drivers of certain BMW, Volkswagen, and Tesla EVs. The vehicle modem will require an update to 4G/LTE to ensure continued internet connectivity.

The process for upgrading your modem varies by auto manufacturer. Please visit the pages below for more information (depending on the car you drive):

MCE Sync introduced a feature called “Solar,” which is still in Beta testing. This feature automatically charges your EV during sunny hours when your rooftop solar panels are generating electricity. MCE Sync’s algorithm will obtain basic information on the size and output of your solar panels and, using your home address and local weather forecasts, predict how much electricity your home solar will generate at any given time. When your EV is plugged in and scheduled to smart charge with “solar smart charging” enabled in the MCE Sync app, MCE Sync’s algorithm will direct your vehicle to charge during times of solar generation so the electrons from your solar panels can go straight into your EV battery (as long as your inverter is not in grid export mode). If more electricity is needed to charge your EV to the battery level you set before your specified ready-by time, MCE Sync will top up your battery using grid electricity during off-peak hours. This gets your EV charged up with the greenest, cleanest energy possible.

No, you don’t need a special inverter. MCE Sync’s solar-powered charging feature is hardware-agnostic. The algorithm relies on local weather forecasts and information about your home solar array size (in kW) to predict its output rather than any connection to your solar inverter. As long as your inverter is switched to consume electricity (rather than export it to the grid), MCE Sync will direct your vehicle to charge at home during high-solar hours and consume your rooftop solar in this way. In short — it works with any inverter.

We understand that customers on Net Energy Metering (NEM) or Net Billing Tariffs (NBT) may benefit financially from exporting their solar power back to the grid during peak hours and waiting until overnight/off-peak hours to consume grid electricity at lower prices. For that reason, we designed the MCE Sync solar feature to only direct your EV to charge during off-peak hours. For example, if you’re on NEM on the EV2 rate, MCE Sync will charge your EV during daytime/solar hours up until 3:00 pm, when part-peak hours begin, and you may financially benefit from exporting your solar power instead.

Click on the “Smart” tab in the bottom navigation panel of the MCE Sync app. Under the energy section, click on “Solar (Beta).” Then, enter the size (in kW) of your home solar array and enable the “Solar smart charging” button, and you’re set! Your next charging session will be a solar smart charge. If solar isn’t available, don’t worry — MCE Sync will use less expensive, off-peak grid electricity to charge your car before the ready-by time you specify.

Email and copy requesting to withdraw from the program. We’ll delete the secure token that grants us access to the vehicle or charger you registered in the app.

What happens to my data if I want to disconnect my EV from the MCE Sync app? Once you unenroll from the program, we’ll no longer be able to optimize charging on your vehicle. Any data from your charging sessions will be combined with other customers’ data. This anonymous aggregate data will be analyzed by MCE to assess the program’s benefits to the decarbonization and stability of the California power grid.

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