$1.8 Million+ Offered to NEM Solar Customers

$1.8 Million+ Offered to NEM Solar Customers

Press Contact: Kalicia Pivirotto, Marketing Manager
(415) 464-6036 | kpivirotto@mcecleanenergy.org

MCE Solar Customers Earn $1.8 Million+ for Excess Energy Production in 2017-18

San Rafael and Concord, Calif. — MCE’s annual cash-out process for rooftop solar customers is currently underway, offering over $1.8 million in check payments to purchase the excess solar electricity generated by customers.

“We’re proud to support over 10,000 solar customers in the Bay Area, and we’re grateful to them for adding 100% renewable power to our community energy supply,” said Dawn Weisz, CEO of MCE. “Over the last five years, NEM program recipients have included local schools and public agencies, like cities and fire stations. It’s rewarding to see so many customers get a return on their environmental investment.”

MCE’s Net Energy Metering (NEM) program compensates solar customers at the full retail rate plus an extra penny per kilowatt-hour for excess electricity generated. A meter tracks the net difference between the amount of electricity their solar panels produce and the amount of electricity used during each billing month. When the panels produce more electricity than is used on-site, customers receive a credit on their bill.

Most customers with solar in California are required to forfeit any surplus credits on their account each year through a “true-up” process, although some are entitled to receive a minimal payment at lower wholesale rates. MCE’s NEM program offers several innovative features, allowing customers who earn credits of $100 or more to cash out their full credit balance or simply roll the credits over into the following year — up to a maximum of $5,000. Customers with a credit below $100 will have their credit automatically rolled over.

Customers also have the option to transfer their credits to MCE programs that serve disadvantaged communities, like our Low-Income Solar program. For the 2012-2019 fiscal years, MCE allocated $345,000 toward low-income solar rebates and partners with GRID Alternatives’ Energy for All program to offer $900 rebates to low–income customers who install solar panels. Program participants have saved an estimated $2 million+ on their monthly utility bills.

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