3 Ways Contractors Can Get Ahead with New Green Technologies

3 Ways Contractors Can Get Ahead with New Green Technologies

Stay current with the latest technology and get ahead of the competition with:
● Free training on new green tech
● $1,000 for installing heat pump water heaters
● Skilled employees to grow your business

As a contractor, staying ahead of the competition is essential. Embracing new green technology positions your business for long-term success, benefits your customers, and contributes to a healthier planet. You’re busy with your business, so we’ve outlined resources and offerings to help you get ahead in the green technology revolution.

Free Training on New Green Tech

Adapting to recent technologies can be challenging, but it’s crucial for your business’s growth. To assist you during this dynamic time, MCE offers free online training resources dedicated to contractors:


The training covers a range of information, from installation guides to data points, to share with your customers.

$1,000 for Installing a Heat Pump Water Heater

With California phasing out gas water heaters by 2026, it’s essential to help prepare your customers for the future by keeping them informed about new technology. You can share the following information so that they can decide if a heat pump water heater is right for them:

  • How they work: Heat pumps use the transfer of air to heat or cool other places through the system of a pump. Because they don’t run on combustion, they don’t emit toxins or have the fire hazards associated with burning fossil fuels.
  • Savings: A heat pump water heater can save a family of four up to $427 per year.
  • Life span: Heat pump water heaters last for 10−15 years.
  • Cost: $1,700-2,300
  • Incentives and rebates: Customers can receive a $2,000 tax credit and more incentives with Energy Star appliances.


MCE offers you $1,000 for each heat pump water heater that you install. You can keep the entire amount or pass some of the savings to your customers, helping them embrace the transition to eco-friendly solutions.

Skilled Employees to Grow Your Business

The success of your business depends on the skills and dedication of your team. In this new green economy, it’s vital to find skilled employees who are ready to learn about clean technology.

MCE’s Green Workforce Pathways Program pre-vets job seekers and provides a $3,200 stipend to support training so that they can hit the ground running. Additionally, contractors can sharpen their home performance and electrification skills and knowledge through in-field consultations with our partners at the Association for Energy Affordability, a trusted energy industry leader.

The Bottom Line

As a contractor, you play a crucial role in the transition to clean technology. Through these changes in technology, you have a partner in MCE. We’re here to provide resources and support to help you secure your place as a leading contractor in the green economy.

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