7 Tips for Climate-Friendly Holidays

7 Tips for Climate-Friendly Holidays

While in the spirit of giving this holiday season, give back to the environment by reducing your energy consumption and waste production! Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, Americans use billions of kilowatt-hours of electricity on decorations and produce up to 25% more waste. Here are some ideas to make your holidays environmentally friendly while still being festive.

1. Buy locally.

Buy your gifts locally to reduce your carbon footprint and help support local businesses. Better yet, check out our list of Deep Green Champions to support local businesses that are fighting climate change with 100% renewable energy service.

2. Bundle Up.

Add extra layers instead of turning on your heater. Heating uses more energy than any other system in your home. Save on your utility bill and reduce emissions by cozying up in warm slippers or holiday pajamas.

3. Use LED holiday lights.

Go with LEDs if lights are part of your decorations. LEDs are more energy efficient and last longer. Take it one step further and put your lights on a timer so that they shine only when you need them.

4. Travel sustainably.

Whether you’re staying local or driving long distances, travel sustainably by carpooling with friends and family, driving an EV, or taking public transportation.

5. Reduce food waste.

Buy the right amount of food so that none of your holiday dishes go to waste. Throw any leftover scraps in the compost or green waste bins, not in the trash. Check with your local waste hauler to see if they have tips and tricks.

6. Avoid disposables

Opt for reusable cutlery and plates for holiday get-togethers and use reusable food covers for leftovers. Using reusable foodware helps reduce waste and will save you money in the long run.

6. Buy a sustainable tree.

If a tree is part of your celebration, buy a real tree instead of a fake tree. Artificial trees often end up filling up landfills and can account for up to 11 times more carbon emissions than real trees. Real trees, on the other hand, can help keep our forests well maintained. You can even consider renting a tree or buying a potted one. And remember to buy your tree locally!

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