Enroll in CARE or FERA

Deep Discounts on Your Bill

Income-qualified households can receive deep discounts on their energy bills through the California Alternate Rates for Energy (CARE) program or the Family Electric Rate Assistance (FERA) program. CARE and FERA are offered to customers statewide. PG&E runs these programs for both MCE and PG&E customers.

What’s the difference between CARE & FERA?

Monthly Electricity Bill Discount
Monthly Gas Bill Discount
Minimum # of people in household to qualify
1 person
3 people

Who’s Eligible

CARE and FERA eligibility are based on the number of individuals in your household and total gross household income (before taxes). You may also qualify for CARE if you participate in certain qualifying public assistance programs.

Household income is calculated as of the date you apply for CARE or FERA. It’s not based on your past income. If you had a recent change affecting your income, like a job loss or reduced earnings, you may now qualify.

Note: CARE and FERA share one application. If you don’t qualify for CARE, you may still qualify for FERA.

Number of People in Household CARE

Total Gross Annual Household Income*

Total Gross Annual Household Income*
$40,880 or less
Not eligible
$51,640 or less
$62,400 or less
$73,160 or less
$83,920 or less
$94,680 or less
$105,440 or less
$116,200 or less
$126,960 or less
For each additional person beyond 10, add

*Before taxes based on current income sources for residential, single-family customers. Income guidelines are valid through 05/31/2025.

For additional information about the CARE and FERA programs, visit pge.com/carefera


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