Certify and Amplify Your Business to Help Power the Clean Energy Transition

Certify and Amplify Your Business to Help Power the Clean Energy Transition

After attending MCE’s Certify & Amplify event, local business owner Karen MacLean says it was the “nudge [she] needed” to become a Women Business Enterprise (WBE). Just a few weeks later, she was added to the state’s Supplier Diversity database, ready to expand her businesses.
Karen McLean

“I believe in MCE’s mission for California to confront the climate crisis with renewable energy. These certifications help my business foster a culture of diversity and inclusion which drives success, growth and stronger partnerships.”

Become a certified small or diverse business and amplify your opportunities.

If you’re a small or diverse business owner, it pays to become a certified diverse supplier. As California builds momentum to confront climate change, opportunities abound for small and diverse businesses to help meet the challenge.
Businesses owned by women, minorities, LGBTQ+ individuals, people with disabilities, and disabled veterans can become certified diverse suppliers through the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). This way, it’s easier for state agencies to find your business when they contract for services.

Why should you certify your business?
Once registered, your business will be part of a database that is available to utilities and other state agencies looking for similar services. The CPUC encourages utilities to prioritize contracts and subcontracts from businesses that meet diversity qualifications.

“When I finally completed the process and became certified, I was really proud. Feels good to work with a diverse and inclusive company.”

Does your business qualify?

Your business can participate in the CPUC’s Supplier Diversity Program  if you’re one of the following:

  • Diverse businesses, at least minority-, 51% woman-, LGBTQ-, or disabled-owned enterprises
  • Small businesses, grossing more than $16 million in the past three years or have no more than 100 employees

What is the application process?

Certifying is free! After you fill out this application, it typically takes 45 days to get certified and it’s valid for three years.
Attend MCE’s upcoming virtual Certify and Amplify Workshop on August 21, 2024, to learn how to apply and hear from other businesses who have gone through the process. The workshop is a great avenue to expand your network and learn about how to position your business for upcoming contracting opportunities. Email communications@mceCleanEnergy.org to reserve your spot.

Check out MCE’s 2024 Supplier Diversity Report to see who we’re working with and how we’re supporting our local, diverse economy.

Take action, get certified.

MCE is one of the many public agencies that support the CPUC’s efforts to work with small and diverse businesses. In 2023, MCE invested over $44 million in small, local, and diverse businesses while advancing California’s clean energy goals.

Your business can play a critical role in California’s fight against climate change, so consider getting certified today. It’s a win for your business and the planet.

Blog by Jackie Nuñez

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