Deep Green Champion: Levin Richmond Terminal Corporation

Deep Green Champion: Levin Richmond Terminal Corporation

Levin Richmond Terminal Corporation (LRTC) is a family owned, dry bulk cargo marine terminal that has been providing transportation services and local jobs in the Richmond community since 1980. LRTC recently opted up to MCE’s Deep Green 100% renewable electricity service as part of a larger effort to safeguard the waterfront for decades to come. MCE is proud to offer renewable electricity service to support local businesses in the transition to a more sustainable future. We spoke with LRTC CEO, Chris Schaeffer to learn about LRTC’s efforts to implement more environmentally-friendly business practices.

Why is sustainability important to your organization?

Levin Richmond Terminal has been a vital part of Richmond’s civic and economic life, providing services and jobs to the community for over 40 years. We recognize that access to the San Francisco Bay is a precious commodity and are committed to using it carefully and maintaining it well. It’s important to us that we continue to improve our environmental safety and maintenance standards to safeguard our community and our terminal property.

Why did you decide to opt up to MCE’s Deep Green Service?

LRTC is always looking for additional ways to invest in sustainability and corporate responsibility. We hold California’s renewable mandates in high regard and have made it a priority to use renewable resources wherever feasible. Choosing 100% renewable electricity was a natural next step in reducing emissions. Thanks to MCE, it was possible.

What are some other ways that you have implemented sustainability into your business operations?

A large part of our operational strategy involves minimizing environmental impact. We provide bulk commodity marine terminal solutions, and operate the Richmond Pacific Railroad, offering a cleaner and more efficient alternative to transporting goods on trucks.

We are also proud of our on-site water retention and treatment system that helps us reduce water waste. The system allows us to capture as much rainwater and municipal water as possible to treat and recycle for our dust suppression and general housekeeping. Our employees receive regular environmental training such as stormwater pollution prevention, spill response education and drills, air quality training, hazardous material training, and best management practices.

How do your environmental efforts align with your vision for the future of LRTC?

We are currently transitioning away from handling coal to the handling of sustainable energy products made from wood waste. Our vision is to become a leading provider of customized transportation of renewable commodities on the West Coast.

Continuing to improve the sustainability of our operations will have a positive impact locally, and hopefully influence broader change. We believe that terminal operators across the country will see the necessity of working toward a more sustainable future, as we have in Richmond. We are confident that these efforts will support the continued viability of our company and its ability to provide safe, steady, well-paying jobs and healthy economic benefits to the community.

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