Deep Green Leaders: 11 MCE Member Communities Go 100% Renewable!

Deep Green Leaders: 11 MCE Member Communities Go 100% Renewable!

Demonstrating environmental leadership, the Cities and Towns of Corte Madera, El Cerrito, Larkspur, Mill Valley, Napa, Novato, Richmond, Ross, and San Rafael; and the Counties of Marin and Napa have all voted to enroll in MCE’s Deep Green electricity service, which is 100% greenhouse gas-free, Green-e Energy certified, wind and solar power.

The collective impact will result in the elimination of over 7,200 metric tons of electricity-related greenhouse gas emissions, which is the EPA equivalent of removing over 1,500 cars from the road in one year. These 11 communities join the Cities and Towns of Belvedere, Fairfax, San Anselmo, San Pablo, and Sausalito; which were the first of MCE’s member municipalities to opt up to Deep Green 100% renewable energy service.

  • The Napa County Board of Supervisors unanimously voted to opt up to Deep Green, which will reduce municipal operations emissions by nearly 20%. The City also committed to 100% renewable energy: “The City of Napa is proud to make renewable energy a priority,” said Mayor Jill Techel. “By choosing the Deep Green power option, we are taking a big step in becoming a sustainability leader and meeting our climate action goals.”
  • El Cerrito became the first city in Contra Costa County to opt up all municipal accounts to 100% renewable energy. “El Cerrito has reduced over 1,400 metric tons of electricity emissions since enrolling with MCE,” said Mayor Janet Abelson. “To celebrate El Cerrito’s 100th anniversary, the City and its Environmental Quality Committee partnered with MCE to launch ‘100 for 100’, encouraging residents and businesses alike to join the City in opting up to 100% renewable energy service. It’s gratifying to know that together we can take responsibility and have impact on a local level.”
  • The City of Richmond has adopted a budget that included Deep Green for all municipal electricity accounts. “Richmond is proud to continue being the leader in Deep Green electricity consumption in MCE’s service area,” said Mayor Tom Butt. “The premium from Deep Green helps fund projects like MCE Solar One, which will be the Bay Area’s largest publicly owned solar farm, supporting 341 jobs and generating enough power for 3,417 homes per year.”
  • The City of San Rafael will enhance its use of Deep Green power by adding solar and lighting retrofits to its municipal facilities, accelerating its climate efforts. Residential and commercial energy emissions have decreased by about 25% from 2005 to 2014, which has helped reduce emissions by 15% below 2005 levels.
  • Across Marin County, independent advocates and activists of all ages played a key role in influencing local decisions. At San Rafael’s City Council meeting, support for the 100% renewable energy movement included an impassioned plea from San Domenico High School student Luci Paczkowski: “Local government leaders, I need you to act today to do more, to do all you can for my generation’s future. Clean energy isn’t a convenience, it’s an absolute necessity.” And through an initiative developed in an Environmental Forum of Marin Master Class, Sarah Loughran and Helene Marsh worked with local governments to promote the urgency of adopting pollution-free energy.

In total, more than half of all MCE member communities have opted up to Deep Green. Not only does this contribute more renewable energy to California’s electrical grid, but MCE estimates that Deep Green electricity consumption will increase by 66% in 2017, due in large part to recent municipal adoption. In 2018, MCE expects to reach its goal of having Deep Green account for 5% of its total electricity load, seven years ahead of its original 2025 target.

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