DIY EE and Energy Savings Upgrades

DIY EE and Energy Savings Upgrades

Are you tired of high electricity bills? You’re not alone! Many people are looking for ways to save money on their energy costs. The good news is that there are plenty of DIY energy efficiency upgrades you can do at home to help lower your electricity bill. In this blog, we’ll cover some easy and effective tips to make your home more energy efficient.


Prevent Drafts

One of the biggest energy wasters in your home is drafts. When air leaks through gaps around windows, doors, and other openings, it forces your HVAC system to work harder.

The following DIY projects can help you keep more money in your pocket:

  1. Install weather stripping around doors and windows to prevent air leaks.
    • Purchase weather stripping at your local hardware store.
    • Cut the weather stripping with scissors. No need for a measuring tape. Simply line up the stripping where you want to place it and cut.
    • Peel the backing off and apply the stripping to seal gaps around doors and windows.
  2. Use caulk to seal small cracks and gaps in frames.
    • If the area is too small for weather stripping, purchase caulk at your local hardware store and go the extra mile with a handheld extrusion tool. The tool makes it easier to create an even bead of caulk.
    • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and place a small bead of caulk at the beginning of the gap.
PRO TIP: Use less than you think you need. You can always go back if you need more.


Upgrade to Energy-Efficient Lighting

Lighting typically accounts for a significant portion of your electricity bill. Switching to energy-efficient lighting is a simple way to save money.

  1. Purchase LED bulbs at your local hardware store.
    • Take your old bulbs with you to ensure that you get the right replacement model.
    • Manufacturers make different colors of light such as cool white, warm, and blue, so you can pick a color that matches your existing lighting, or you can choose a new color.

 See if the store has displays where you can decide on the shade of the light you’re purchasing.
  1. Go the extra mile and get smart bulbs that you can program to turn off automatically.
    • Alternatively, buy timers for your outlets so that the light turns on and off when you need it.
    • Did you know that LED bulbs use up to 75% less energy than incandescent bulbs and last much longer? That feature saves you money on electricity and on replacement bulbs. A win-win.


Maintain Your Appliances

Regular maintenance of your appliances can help them run at their most efficient. From your refrigerator to your HVAC, take the time to check that they’re in tip-top shape.

Regular maintenance of your appliances can help them run at their most efficient. From your refrigerator to your HVAC, take the time to check that they’re in tip-top shape.

  1. Vacuum the back and underside of your refrigerator.
    • Dust accumulates on the coils that remove heat from your refrigerator, making it run harder. A simple vacuum can make a huge difference.
  2. Change your air filters.
    • HVAC units have air intakes where you can easily replace a dirty filter. Simply unscrew the grate at each corner, take out the old filter, and replace it with a new one.
PRO TIP: Remove your filters and check the size. Not every HVAC filter is the same, so make sure that the replacements you get fit your unit.


Install Smart Strips

Vampire appliances account for 10% of annual electricity usage. That means devices that are plugged in are still drawing power even if they’re turned off, or not in use.

  1. Purchase smart power strips or outlets to add to your home. Use them on appliances that can be easily turned on and off to reduce your vampire load.
  2. Simply plug them in to your regular outlet and add plug devices in there instead of the wall. Flip the switch when devices aren’t in use to cut off the power supply.


Bottom Line

Lowering your electricity bill doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. With these DIY upgrades, you can make your home more energy efficient and start saving money today. Sealing drafts, upgrading your lighting, and maintaining your appliances are all effective ways to reduce your energy costs.

By taking these steps, you’ll not only save money but also help the environment by reducing your energy consumption. Start implementing these tips today and watch your electricity bill go down!

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