Higher Winter Energy Bills? Natural Gas Could Be The Culprit

Higher Winter Energy Bills? Natural Gas Could Be The Culprit

Natural gas may be the reason for your rising winter energy bills.
● Home heating during colder months leads to increased natural gas consumption.
● Going electric can provide stability to your household budget.
● Support is available to help you reduce your monthly energy bill and get caught up on late payments.

As the colder months approach, you may notice an uptick in your electric bill. Darker skies, holiday decorations, and family gatherings can all add to your energy use but another lesser-known culprit may be seasonal use of natural gas. Read on to learn why natural gas can cause unusually high winter bills, and more importantly, how you can combat unexpected costs.

Why does natural gas spending increase in the winter?

Heating and cooling systems are the largest energy users in most homes. Three in five California households still use natural gas for heating which means spending more on natural gas to stay warm during the colder months.

Natural gas prices aren’t fixed

Most of California’s natural gas is delivered through just a few major pipelines. These pipelines can be disrupted by storms making it harder and more expensive to get natural gas to homes. In January 2023 natural gas prices in California were up to six times higher than other parts of the US. Unpredictable pricing can mean higher bills, making budgeting for energy expenses a challenge.

The Electric Alternative

Consider electrifying your home as an alternative to natural gas! Here are reasons why going electric is a forward-thinking choice for your wallet and the planet:

  • Cost stability: Electricity prices tend to remain more stable throughout the year, making it easier to predict and budget for your energy expenses.
  • Health and safety benefits: Electric heating systems and appliances don’t make carbon monoxide, can’t leak gas, and have a much lower risk of fire or explosion, making your home safer.
  • Sustainability: Homes can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30-60% on average simply by not using natural gas.
  • Government incentives: There are many incentives and rebates available to help decrease the cost of upgrading to electric appliances. Visit our overview on the Inflation Reduction Act to learn more and see what offerings you qualify for.


Additional Support and Information

If you are struggling to keep up with your energy bill, we’re here to help. Visit mcecleanenergy.org/lowerbill to learn about programs that can reduce your monthly bill, get caught up on overdue payments, and lower your energy usage. Check out our 7 tips to reduce your winter energy bill for more ways to save.

MCE is an electricity provider and does not provide natural gas services. For additional questions about natural gas prices, please contact PG&E.

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