How Choosing Renewable Energy Benefits You

How Choosing Renewable Energy Benefits You

Learn about the direct benefits of choosing renewable energy:
● Improved air quality
● Cost savings
● Stronger local economy

Renewable energy is essential for combating climate change for a livable world. It’s not only an investment in the future, but it’s also a choice that brings direct and immediate benefits to everyone. Here are some of the immediate ways that choosing renewable energy benefits your community.

Better Air Quality

Traditional sources of energy like coal and natural gas are major contributors to air pollution, which can cause health problems such as cancer, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases. In the Bay Area, air pollution contributes to thousands of deaths every year. By choosing renewables, you reduce air pollution and create a healthier future for yourself and your community.

MCE Bonus: MCE invests in initiatives to improve health and safety for families across the Bay Area like MCE Healthy Homes and our low-income Air Purifier Giveaway.

Cost Savings

Renewable energy is now the most cost-effective way to generate electricity. In fact, according to a 2023 report, it would be cheaper to build entirely new renewable energy projects than to continue operating 99% of existing U.S. coal plants. Renewable energy will continue to become more cost effective with technological advancements and investments like the 2022 Inflation Reduction Act.

MCE Bonus: Keeping costs competitive is a top priority for MCE. Learn about energy affordability offerings including energy-saving upgrades, bill discounts, and debt forgiveness.

A Strong and Resilient Local Economy

The renewable energy sector is one of the fastest growing job markets, with solar installers and wind technicians forecasted to be two of the fastest growing occupations in the next decade. Choosing clean energy ensures a stable, sustainable, regenerative local economy now and for years to come.

MCE Bonus: MCE sources renewable energy within California and invests in green workforce development to train the local workforce for long-term, well-paying clean job opportunities.

MCE’s Deep Green electricity service makes it possible for you to choose 100% renewable energy for your home or business. Learn more about Deep Green and how to opt in to the benefits of clean energy.

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