How to Make Your Energy Use Climate-Friendly

How to Make Your Energy Use Climate-Friendly

Take climate action this Earth month by:
● Reducing your carbon footprint
● Assessing your home energy usage
● Creating community

We’ve all heard about New Year’s resolutions, but what about Earth Month resolutions? You can do plenty of things at home to take climate action now. This Earth Month, take action and treat every day like Earth Day.

Reduce your carbon footprint.

A carbon footprint is the total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions caused directly and indirectly by an individual, organization, event, or product. Begin your Earth Month resolution by figuring out your household’s carbon footprint with the EPA calculator, and then reduce it. Start with small, manageable actions that work for your lifestyle. Make note of your footprint and take the test again next year to track your progress.

Reducing your carbon footprint can include:

  • Using public transportation, carpooling, biking, or walking at least once a week, instead of driving on your own.
  • Buying local food and products at least once a month to reduce transportation and shipping emissions.
  • Reducing what you send to a landfill by recycling, composting, and buying products with minimal packaging.
  • Reducing your energy consumption every day from 4–9pm.
  • Choosing 100% renewable energy to eliminate your electricity-related carbon footprint.


Assess your home energy usage.

Household emissions are one of the largest contributing factors to a household’s carbon footprint. Having an energy-efficient home is a great way to take climate action. See if you qualify for a free MCE home energy assessment. Eligible customers in MCE’s service area may qualify for a home energy assessment to determine if energy-efficient upgrades to items such as water heaters and lighting can help you slash emissions and your monthly bill.

Create community.

This April, consider throwing an Earth Day-themed gathering in your community. Ask participants to share things they’re doing to take climate action and engage in climate conversations. Ask guests to bring unwanted clothing, toys, and appliances and do an exchange. It’s a great way to find a new home for items you’re looking to part with, snag new goods, and reduce waste by diverting your unwanted belongings from landfills.

Whether the climate action you take is big or small, they can all add up to a more sustainable future.

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