How to Travel Sustainably this Holiday Season

How to Travel Sustainably this Holiday Season

Over 47% of Americans plan to travel this holiday season, and 91% of long-distance holiday travel is by car. Cut your holiday travel emissions by:
● using MCE’s income-qualified rebates to upgrade to an EV before you travel;
● planning your charging route before you go with EV road trip resources; or
● renting an EV for your go-to transportation after a long flight.

Over 47% of Americans plan to travel this holiday season, and since about 91% of long-distance holiday travel is by car, you might be wondering how to make your holiday travel more sustainable. Whether you’re staying local or driving long distances, using an electric vehicle (EV) is a great way to travel sustainably.

Making EVs Cost Effective

MCE offers EV drivers in our service area a cost-effective way to charge their EVs at home. Our Residential EV Rate Plan supports grid resiliency by encouraging charging outside the hours of 4 p.m.-9 p.m. when electricity demand is high.

If an EV is on your holiday wish list, MCE offers income-qualified residents a $3,500 rebate for purchasing or leasing a new EV. By combining federal, state, and local incentives, you can significantly reduce the cost of purchasing a new or used EV. Depending on your eligibility, you could receive up to $13,750 in rebates, or more if you trade in a 2005 or older gas-powered vehicle. Find out more about your personalized savings by using this EV Savings Calculator.

Planning Your Getaway

EV battery range technology has improved significantly, making long-distance trips a breeze. You can find plenty of places to charge your EV along your planned route, such as grocery store parking lots, parking garages, workplaces, hotels, highway rest areas, and public parks. Some locations even have fast chargers, which can power your car in as little as thirty minutes while you take a walk, use the restroom, or grab something to eat.

If you charge at home often, we recommend that you compare your current electricity rate to other options and choose the one that’s best for you. Rates apply to your household’s entire electricity usage, not only your EV charging.

To find an EV charging station on your route, visit the PlugShare map on our website or use your preferred EV charging station locator app. For longer trips, EV road trip planners can help you determine the best route and ensure that you don’t run out of charge.

Renting an EV After Flying

If you’re flying to a holiday destination, consider renting an EV instead of a gas-powered vehicle. There are over 110 EV models on the market now, and most car rental agencies offer a large selection. Renting an EV is a great way to travel more sustainably while saving money on gas! As a bonus, if you’re considering making the switch from a gas-powered vehicle to an EV, renting is a great way to test one out. If you have other family members or friends traveling to the same destination, try to coordinate with them and rent an EV SUV!

Happy holidays and safe travels!

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