Learn How MCE Can Help You Reduce Your Energy Burden

Learn How MCE Can Help You Reduce Your Energy Burden

January is Poverty Awareness Month, and MCE recognizes the additional burdens that COVID-19 has created for American households. The 2018 California Poverty Measure estimates that approximately one third of Californians were considered at or close to the federal poverty level, meaning they lacked enough resources to meet basic needs.

The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) recently reported that 25% of American households face a high energy burden. They’re paying more than 6% of their income on energy bills, and 13% face a severe burden of spending more than 10% of their income on energy bills. As a community-led, not-for-profit electricity provider, MCE is dedicated to creating more equitable communities by helping our customers lower their energy bills while increasing their resiliency and efficiency in this time of need.

Here’s how MCE is helping:

  1. Income-qualified Electric Vehicle Rebate Programs
    MCE’s EV rebate program offers $3,500 to customers who want to purchase or lease a new EV.
  2. Energy Efficiency and Health and Safety Upgrades
    MCE’s LIFT Program offers qualified customers additional rebates to upgrade their units and properties with energy efficiency measures. MCE’s Healthy Homes Program offers additional health and safety upgrades, including integrated pest management, slip-and-fall prevention, and mold remediation. These programs help customers improve their quality of life while lowering monthly energy bills.
  3. Energy Assistance Programs
    The State of California offers energy assistance programs, including the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), the Low-Income Weatherization Program (LIWP), the Relief for Energy Assistance through Community Help (REACH) Program, and the Energy Savings Assistance Program (ESAP). These programs offer technology and financial assistance to help lower your monthly bills. MCE has been partnering to increase awareness about these resources in our communities. You can learn more on MCE’s Lower Your Bill page.
  4. Monthly Bill Assistance Programs
    The State of California also offers several monthly bill discount programs, including the California Alternative Rates for Energy (CARE) Program, Family Electric Rate Assistance (FERA) Program, and the Medical Baseline Allowance Program. You can easily sign up for these programs online by accessing your PG&E account.

We know that the burden of energy costs is not shared equally throughout our communities. Especially in times of crisis, access to reliable and cost-effective electricity service is essential for the health and safety of all. To increase energy equity in our communities, MCE is committed to structuring programs to support vulnerable community members, expand awareness of existing energy assistance programs for families struggling with poverty, advocate for policies that minimize these energy burdens, and increase access to clean energy technologies.

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