LEED Credits for Deep Green: West Marin Service Center

LEED Credits for Deep Green: West Marin Service Center

The County of Marin’s West Marin Service Center’s (WMSC) new and expanded facility is now under construction, with a built-in plan to support a sustainable environment. The building will replace the older facility, with plans to open and serve the community in mid-2018, while the community will continue to receive uninterrupted service from WMSC’s temporary location.

Spotlighting their deep commitment to sustainability, the County has added Green Power credits to the new building’s LEED Gold application by enrolling their facilities in MCE’s Deep Green 100% California renewable electricity.

The West Marin Service Center is among the first of the County’s facilities to apply for LEED Gold certification, joining the Emergency Operations Facility, and Health and Wellness Campus in San Rafael, which are already certified as LEED Gold facilities.

To demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and Marin County’s Climate Action Plan, in 2007 the County set a minimum standard of LEED Silver for new County facilities. As Jeanne Miche, the County’s Project Manager for this project told MCE,

“I was excited to learn that the County has enrolled all of its facilities in Deep Green 100% renewable electricity service, positioning us to add Green Power credits to our application. This makes it easier for our application to meet Gold level certification standards, one level higher than our County-facility minimum standard of Silver.”

MCE provides customers with a simple, one-page Deep Green customer Contract form for a two- or five-year term for LEED credits. The contract includes a nominal exit fee to meet USGBC standards, as defined in the Green Power section of LEED for new and existing buildings (versions 3 and 4).

MCE commercial rate customers can apply for Green Power credits with the assurance that their Deep Green electricity is produced from 100% California solar and wind power. Additionally, half of the $0.01/kWh Deep Green premium is invested in the build out of local, renewable energy projects in MCE’s service area, which in turn support local, green collar jobs.

MCE is proud to be able to offer the renewable electricity that will support WMSC’s sustainability efforts, strengthen their application for LEED credits, and reduce their carbon footprint.

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