MCE Announces Charles F. McGlashan Award Winner

MCE Announces Charles F. McGlashan Award Winner

MCE established the Charles McGlashan Advocacy Award in June 2011 to honor and commemorate the life and legacy of environmental leadership left behind by former founding MCE Chairman, Charles F. McGlashan. The award recognizes passion, dedication, and leadership in promoting MCE’s mission. On November 17, 2016, MCE’s Board of Directors recognized Sustainable Napa County (SNC) as the award’s sixth recipient.

“Sustainable Napa County played a key role when unincorporated Napa County voted to join MCE in 2015, and we’re deeply grateful for their support,” said Dawn Weisz, CEO of MCE. “When a new inclusion period opened in 2016, SNC was instrumental in arranging and attending meetings to introduce MCE to the City and Town Councils of American Canyon, Napa, Yountville, St. Helena, and Calistoga. Due in no small part to SNC’s endorsement and promotion of local sustainable initiatives, these Councils would later go on to join MCE.”

Sustainable Napa County has participated in MCE’s Community Leader Advisory Groups since 2015, helping to guide MCE’s community outreach and education campaigns. SNC helped create materials, provided feedback for the development of MCE’s Energy Efficiency programs to better serve Napa County customers, and hosted multiple community workshops about MCE. They are also one of the newest members of MCE’s Community Power Coalition, which focuses on the interests of underrepresented and historically marginalized constituencies, and SNC is now working to encourage enrollments in MCE’s Deep Green 100% renewable energy service throughout Napa County.

“One of Sustainable Napa County’s goals is to increase the use of renewable energy, especially locally generated renewable energy. MCE helps drive demand for more renewable energy in general, encouraging investment and innovation, and creating opportunities for local renewable energy projects and the associated economic stimulation, workforce development, and job creation that benefits communities,” said Jeri Gill, CEO, Sustainable Napa County.

To date, the Charles F. McGlashan Advocacy Award has been awarded to Barbara George of Women’s Energy Matters in 2011; the Mainstreet Moms in 2012; Lea Dutton of the San Anselmo Quality of Life Commission in 2013; Doria Robinson of Urban Tilth in 2014, and Constance Beutel of Benicia’s Community Sustainability Commission in 2015.

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