MCE Partners with West Marin Medical Center to Install Battery Storage

MCE Partners with West Marin Medical Center to Install Battery Storage

New Energy Storage Paired with Existing Solar to Provide Backup Power for Critical Medical Facility Needs


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SAN RAFAEL and CONCORD, Calif. — The West Marin Medical Center (WMMC) in Point Reyes is now equipped with a 10 kW (40 kWh) battery through MCE’s Energy Storage Program, which provided end-to-end project development from THG, in concert with Enerlogics West. The storage system is paired with the medical center’s rooftop solar to provide emergency backup power and daily load shifting to reduce energy costs.

“West Marin Medical Center is very grateful to MCE for their partnership in installing battery storage at our facility,” said Dr. Colin Hamblin, owner and physician at West Marin Medical Center. “MCE made it possible for us to install battery storage which was otherwise challenging to find for our community clinic. This new project will not only save us money, but will provide us with clean back-up energy for critical needs like vaccine refrigeration during outages.”

MCE provided more than $10,000 to help cover the cost of the project, and another $11,000 was awarded through the CPUC’s Self Generation Incentive Program. WMMC estimates savings of more than $30,400 over 7 years through smart charging and discharging of the battery. Each day, while the sun is shining, the battery will charge up from solar produced onsite. When the solar production goes down and electricity prices are at their peak from 4 p.m. – 9 p.m., the building will pull solar energy from the battery to support its power needs. The daily load shifting also benefits MCE, by reducing its need to procure power when it’s most expensive. To incentivize this daily load shifting, MCE will also provide a $20/month bill credit and $0.22/kWh for energy discharged to the grid between 4 p.m. – 9 p.m.
Katie Rice, MCE Board Director and County of Marin Supervisor

“MCE’s Energy Storage Program offers critical medical facilities like West Marin Medical Center the ability to serve the community during and despite power outages,” said Katie Rice, County of Marin Supervisor and MCE Board Director. “It can be difficult for small-scale projects like this to pencil out and the resources that MCE provides make it possible to power important community facilities with clean energy when it’s most needed.”

THG, a competitively-awarded Trade Ally for MCE’s Energy Storage Program, is providing the software integration and overall program management for the project. THG’s partner, Enerlogics West, is providing the engineering, procurement, and construction for the project, including optimization of the existing solar into the new energy storage system.

“WMMC’s decision to use Enerlogics and THG for this exciting project will help reduce energy costs and support the medical office with sustainable, reliable infrastructure,” said Scott Ameduri, President of Enerlogics. “It is a privilege to partner with MCE and with early adopter facilities like WMMC to bring state of the art solar plus storage technology to the California grid.”


About MCE: MCE is a groundbreaking, not-for-profit, public agency that has been setting the standard for clean energy in our communities since 2010. MCE offers more renewable power at stable rates, significantly reducing energy-related greenhouse emissions and enabling millions of dollars of reinvestment in local energy programs. MCE is a load-serving entity supporting a 1,200 MW peak load. MCE provides electricity service and innovative programs to more than 540,000 customer accounts and more than one million residents and businesses in 37 member communities across four Bay Area counties: Contra Costa, Marin, Napa, and Solano. For more information about MCE, visit, or follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram About THG: THG Energy Solutions provides advanced energy management solutions and services to end-users and channel partners. THG’s Automated Demand Response (ADR) solution enables effective behind-the-meter demand management strategies designed to optimize participation in demand response programs and opportunities. For more information about THG, visit or email Follow us on LinkedIn About Enerlogics: Enerlogics West is a provider of distributed energy solutions for the commercial, industrial, municipal, and educational markets, with technologies including solar, energy storage, and demand response. Using a holistic approach to energy, the Enerlogics team provides strategic, cost-effective solutions for its customers to reduce costs while maximizing sustainability and resiliency. For more information about Enerlogics, visit or follow us Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram

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