MCE Sync Referral Bonus Terms & Conditions

To take advantage of the MCE Sync Referral Program Promotion, administered by MCE’s Authorized Agent,, the following terms and conditions apply.

Access and participation

  • Any MCE customer (“Referrer”) who has received an invitation to the MCE Sync Referral Program promotion directly by email may participate.
  • Referrers may refer up to a maximum of five eligible MCE customers each calendar year until May 31, 2025.


  • The referred user (“Referee”) must download the MCE Sync app via the Apple or Android App Store, use the designated referral code obtained from the Referrer, complete the MCE Sync profile and at least one qualifying Smart Charging session before the offer closeout deadline listed above.
    • A qualifying Smart Charging session consists of a charging session controlled by MCE Sync via with the Smart Charge functionality turned on throughout the session, and the delivery of at least 10kWh of electricity to the vehicle’s charge.

Incentive payment

  • Once a qualifying Smart Charging session is recorded by the Referee and their eligibility is confirmed by MCE, the Referrer will be issued a $25 promotional payment via Paypal, or other redeemable cash equivalent as determined by MCE, within 60 days of MCE’s confirmation.
  • For each successful referral made, will send a $25 promotional payment, via PayPal, on behalf of MCE to the Referrer.


  • Referrers and Referees must be over the age of 18 years and must be permanent residents of California to redeem this promotional payment.
  • This promotional payment can only be redeemed once per MCE customer household referred. If more than one MCE customer refers the same household, only the first Referral Code entered will be eligible to redeem this offer.
  • MCE has the absolute right to determine how the cash equivalent offer is made available to the user for redemption.
  • MCE retains the right to amend or cancel this promotion without notice and without prejudice.
  • MCE is not responsible for any taxes which may be imposed on an MCE customer as a result of the promotional payment.
  • MCE will have sole discretion to decide on the final resolution of any issues related to the MCE Sync Referral Program.

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