MCE’s 2020 Energy Efficiency Report

MCE’s 2020 Energy Efficiency Report

In support of MCE’s mission to reduce electricity-related greenhouse gas emissions, we offer a variety of energy efficiency programs to help our customers reduce their electricity bills, improve the comfort of their homes, and decrease their carbon footprint.

In 2020, MCE worked with a wide range of customers, from multifamily property owners and their tenants, to single-family homeowners, to commercial, agricultural, and industrial businesses to install energy efficient equipment. We’re excited to announce our program impact for 2020:

  • Provided technical assistance to 1,096 multifamily units, of which 871 were income-qualified units
  • Disbursed over $530,000 in rebates and an additional $45,000 in health and safety upgrades
  • Saved over 2,300,000 net kilowatt-hours and 90,000 net therms
  • Completed energy assessments at 200+ businesses and retrofits at 75+ businesses
  • Launched a second Strategic Energy Management (SEM) cohort, while continuing into a second year of participation with the first cohort of 13 participants that realized valuable operational improvements and efficiency gains
  • Sent over 60,000 customers personalized energy information unique to their homes to help save money by reducing electricity consumption
  • Launched MCE’s Workforce, Education, and Training Program, which trains current workers and future workers to successfully perform the jobs needed to support MCE’s clean energy goals

For more information about our suite of customer programs, visit our Customer Programs page, where you can learn more about our energy efficiency programs as well as other MCE programs that you might qualify for, such as the following:

View the full 2020 Annual report here.

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