MCE’s Community Partnerships Build Environmental Equity

MCE’s Community Partnerships Build Environmental Equity

As a not-for-profit public agency, MCE is committed to creating more equitable communities while addressing climate change through renewable energy, energy efficiency, and local economic and workforce benefits. Community partnerships with organizations across our service area are essential to buildling equitable outcomes across our service area.

MCE recently partnered with Canal Alliance, a non-profit in San Rafael that empowers Latino immigrants by offering renewable energy and energy efficiency upgrades and by connecting them to housing, social services, workforce development, college access, and legal services. As the only provider of low-income housing in San Rafael’s Canal District, Canal Alliance also supports equitable communities.

In partnership with MCE, Canal Alliance has implemented no-cost energy improvements at its Marin Villas Estates property, providing low-income residents with safer, healthier, and more comfortable homes. These improvements were made possible through MCE’s income qualifying solar rebates and energy efficiency programs. MCE’s programs not only improve quality of life for residents, but also help lower monthly utility bills and give residents an opportunity to take climate change actions by participating in affordable clean energy solutions.

Here’s what Yolanda Oviedo, administrative manager of Canal Alliance, proudly declared:

“Every day we empower immigrants. It’s important that we continue to empower and support climate change actions to build a better future for everyone. These programs make [a better future] more attainable for communities like [San Rafael’s Canal District]. It’s giving an opportunity to help people live with dignity and, when you live with dignity, you’re able to achieve your full potential.”

The improvements include a 30+ kilowatt solar system that generates nearly 49,600 kilowatt-hours of energy annually, electrical panel upgrades, structural improvements to apartment decks, and carbon monoxide monitors. Energy-efficiency measures such as Title 24-compliant windows, LED light bulbs, and low-flow faucets and showerheads increase comfort and safety, lower utility bills, and are projected to save nearly 3,400 kilowatt-hours of energy per year.

MCE is honored to recognize Gloria Castillo as a recipient of our 2020 Charles F. McGlashan Advocacy Award. In her role as Housing Project Coordinator for Canal Alliance, Ms. Castillo has built support for MCE’s programs at the Marin Villa Estates property, where she partnered with MCE staff on survey collection and income-verification. Thanks to her assistance, Marin Villa Estates received over $55,200 in blended funding from MCE’s Multifamily Energy Savings Program, Low-Income Families and Tenants Program, Income-Qualified Multifamily Solar Rebate Program, and Green and Healthy Homes Initiative Marin.

In addition to Canal Alliance, MCE partners with over 30 organizations in our member communities through our Community Power Coalition. Learn more about MCE’s commitment to environmental justice.

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