MCE’s Strategic Energy Management Program

MCE’s Strategic Energy Management Program

MCE’s Strategic Energy Management (SEM) Program helps participants reduce annual energy usage by up to 15% through the implementation of no-cost and low-cost savings opportunities. Geared toward large facilities, SEM is a long‐term approach to energy efficiency that focuses on identifying opportunities for energy savings and setting goals to track progress and report results.

SEM provides the tools, coaching, structure, and resources to achieve energy savings through operations and maintenance changes and by engaging employees. Training sessions, energy-saving treasure hunts, and energy modeling are provided as part of the support to customers. In this blog, you’ll learn more about customer experiences with the SEM Program.

Multi-Color Corporation’s Air Leak Detection Efforts

Julia Post serves as the SEM energy champion at Multi-Color Corporation (MCC). MCC is a beverage label maker with a mission to deliver the world’s best label solutions that help our customers build their brands and to add value to our associates, our shareholders, and the communities in which we operate. After a recent facility walk with the SEM team, she noted, “I think the day was quite a success and I am excited to report that [our team] already adjusted the air pressure down to 100 PSI. …[T]hanks again to your team for joining us. I’m 100% impressed with their knowledge and think their expertise will have positive implications at our facility. Great resources!”

“Being part of the SEM program supports MCC with the tools and resources we need to find opportunities to reduce our energy use. After realizing how significant air leaks affect our energy bills, we started working with our energy coaches to devise a plan for finding and fixing our air leaks. We used part of the incentive money to buy an air leak detector and have already found dozens of leaks. We are looking forward to tackling them and seeing our energy bills go down.”

Saint Mary’s College’s Sustainability Approach

Other participants have been able to leverage SEM to support broader sustainability initiatives. Ann Drevno, Sustainability Director at Saint Mary’s College of California, stated, “Saint Mary’s College has a strong commitment to model a culture of sustainability for all and through all. Our energy coaches are our extended team that have helped us to prioritize energy-saving projects, track our energy usage as we check projects off our list, and engage our staff and students in energy conservation. Through the SEM program, we were able to create and fully fund a paid student coordinator position to manage several projects that we hope will make a lasting impact on the college’s sustainability initiatives.”

Successful strategic energy management is built on long‐term relationships with energy users, and targets persistent energy savings. MCE looks forward to long-term engagement with our SEM participants and our customers. Visit MCE’s customer programs page to see if you qualify for energy savings programs through MCE.

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