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Improve Grid Reliability and Reduce GHG Emissions

MCE’s Peak Flex Market program pays you to reduce or shift your energy usage when the grid is most constrained. Starting in June through October, you will be paid $2.00 per kWh for load shedding or shifting from 4 pm to 9 pm during demand response events.

What You’ll Get

Payment for every kWh saved
Improved grid reliability
Reduced greenhouse gas emissions

Who’s Eligible

  • MCE commercial, industrial or municipal customers
  • Have a dedicated staff member able to influence energy usage at your facility
  • Have a SmartMeter that generates interval data. MCE will screen each site for data sufficiency
  • Not currently participating in another demand response program

How It Works


Connect with MCE

Complete the form above. We’ll determine if your facility can take advantage of the program.


Implement your strategies

Once we’ve determined eligibility, implement a wide range of clean energy strategies, including changing behaviors, adjusting building or equipment controls, and discharging battery storage to respond to demand response events. Diesel generators and natural gas-fired solutions are prohibited. MCE will notify you 24 hours in advance to prepare for the demand response event.

Receive your payments

We’ll measure your energy savings using meter data and analytics to accurately calculate your hourly energy savings, and send you a check with your measured results after the season ends.


Contact us at info@mceCleanEnergy.org or call (888) 632-3674, Mon–Fri from 9 am to 5 pm.

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