Program Plug-in: Heat Pump Water Heaters

Program Plug-in: Heat Pump Water Heaters

MCE’s Program Plug-in series takes a deep dive into offerings available to MCE customers and how you can plug in to energy savings, bill relief, resiliency, safety upgrades, electric vehicles, and more.

Helping you electrify and decarbonize your home is central to MCE’s mission of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Heat pump water heaters are an environmentally friendly, electric option for replacing gas water heaters. In fact, heat pump water heaters are three times more efficient than gas water heaters. Making the switch could reduce your home’s water heating emissions by a massive 77%. Heat pump water heaters also increase the health and safety of homes by eliminating the risk of carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide leaks.

Heat pump water heaters provide a lot of benefit for those who use them as well as for the environment. They don’t emit any greenhouse gases, and they are very safe and extremely energy efficient compared to their natural gas counterparts. MCE is connecting customers to incentives that offset the lion’s share of the purchasing and installation costs and provide long-term savings. ⎯ Jennifer Green, MCE Manager of Customer Programs

MCE offers incentives to make heat pump water heaters a more economical option for our customers. Learn what incentives are available and how to get started.

Single-Family Offerings

MCE customers and their contractors are eligible for up to $6,600 in combined heat pump water heater rebates from BayREN Home+, MCE, and TECH Clean California. To get started, connect with an energy advisor, who will walk you through the rebates and point you to a participating contractor.

Income-Qualified, Single-Family Offerings

Qualifying single-family homeowners and renters in MCE’s service area can receive a virtual home energy assessment and free home energy upgrades through MCE’s Home Energy Savings Program. During the free home assessment, your trained energy advisor determines if a heat pump water heater is a good fit for your home. If so, MCE will cover 100% of your heat pump water heater upgrade.


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Multifamily Offerings

MCE’s Multifamily Energy Savings Program offers rebates for energy efficiency and electrification upgrades to property owners and renters. The program includes a free comprehensive energy assessment. If a heat pump water heater is identified as a good fit for your property, MCE will cover up to 100% of the installation costs for each unit and for common areas. Additional rebates are also available to income-qualified multifamily property owners or renters.

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