Programs Spotlight: A Focus on Health and Safety

Programs Spotlight: A Focus on Health and Safety

MCE’s Programs Spotlight series highlights the power of MCE: the power of people over profit. By putting more renewable energy on our shared grid, we clean up polluting fossil fuels. MCE’s efforts on climate justice and energy innovations help vulnerable populations qualify for programs like electric vehicles, energy storage, workforce development, and energy savings. We all deserve a fossil-free future that combats climate change and gives us cleaner air to breathe.

MCE is committed to creating healthy, safe, and sustainable communities across our service area to support neighborhoods that have been negatively impacted by pollution and climate change. Here are some of MCE’s programs that prioritize the health and safety of vulnerable populations, helping customers with home health and safety evaluations, access to clean technologies and support for climate resiliency.

Home Upgrades

With energy efficiency upgrades, indoor air quality improvement measures, and basic slip-and-fall protection, MCE is helping customers increase their comfort and standard of living. Learn about the 8 Elements of a Healthy Home (PDF) that keep your home healthy, safe, and energy-efficient.

MCE Home Energy Savings

MCE’s Home Energy Savings Program offers a free energy-saving gift box and virtual home energy assessment to qualifying single-family homeowners and renters. MCE provides no-cost energy efficiency upgrades including installation of attic, pipe, and duct insulation, and replacement of outdated appliances. MCE’s rebate programs also decrease the cost of upgrading to heat pump water and space heaters for homeowners. Heat pump water heaters are three times more efficient than gas water heaters and eliminate the risk of carbon monoxide or nitrogen dioxide leaks.

Green & Healthy Homes

The MCE Healthy Homes Program – made possible through funding by Marin Community Foundation – provides upgrades to improve the health, safety, and efficiency of Marin County homes. The program helps income-qualified residents address health hazards through energy efficiency improvements that increase comfort and decrease energy usage. Integrated pest management and mitigation of mold and moisture also help customers stay safely in their homes and reduce the risk of climate-related illnesses.

In advance of the 2021 fire season, MCE purchased over 100 air purifiers and 300 replacement filters to give away to income-qualified residents. These air filters improve poor air quality caused by smoke from nearby wildfires leaking into improperly sealed homes.MCE partnered with Marin Community Clinics and Canal Alliance to assist in identifying the recipients in need of the air purifiers.

MCE has also partnered with Contra Costa County on its Asthma Mitigation Project. MCE’s multifamily energy efficiency programs and Home Energy Savings Program will include asthma treatment and education from Contra Costa Health Services and additional health and safety modifications in order to provide comprehensive asthma trigger mitigation for Contra Costa’s most vulnerable residents.

Low-Income Families & Tenants (LIFT) Program

As part of MCE’s Low Income Families & Tenants (LIFT) Program, income-qualifying multifamily property owners and renters can receive rebates for energy-saving and electrification upgrades. A recent study of MCE’s LIFT Program showed that the 680 participating households saved over $192 per year on their energy bills by installing high-efficiency electric heat pumps and energy efficiency upgrades. The program also successfully reached hard-to-serve income-qualifying customers located outside designated disadvantaged communities.

Advanced Energy Rebuild Napa Program (AERN)

AERN served single-family homeowners who lost their homes in the 2017 and 2018 wildfires in Napa County. The program supported safe and healthy homes by providing technical assistance and up to $17,500 in incentives per home. Measures included high-performance walls or attics, advanced windows, insulation inspection, high-efficiency water heater, heat pumps, ducts in conditioned space, Energy Star appliances, smart thermostats, electric vehicle charging station, induction cooking, heat pump hot water heater, electric heat pump HVAC system, and solar panel systems with battery storage.


MCE’s Energy Storage Program created a $6 million resiliency fund to help alleviate grid outages that threaten our community’s safety, health, and welfare. The fund places a priority on investments in facilities and residences that support low-income and medically vulnerable customers. MCE also offered portable batteries to 100 customers who have accessibility and functional needs that require electricity for life-supporting medical equipment, such as refrigeration to safely store medications, ventilators for respiratory support, and mobility aids like electric scooters or wheelchairs. The portable batteries allow customers to keep their medical devices powered with a clean, quiet, pollution-free technology, so that they can remain at home during shorter outages. Customers can easily move these portable batteries if evacuation becomes necessary.

Transportation Electrification

The transportation sector represents 40% of California’s greenhouse gas emissions and 80% of smog pollution. MCE offers electric vehicle (EV) rebates and free customer support to income-qualified customers on the purchase or lease of new EVs. MCE’s program offers $3,500 per vehicle, which stacks with other rebates for up to $14,500 in incentives on a new vehicle. Electrifying transportation reduces tailpipe emissions, reducing climate change and the health impacts from toxic air pollution.

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