Should you upgrade your water heater or HVAC to a heat pump?

Should you upgrade your water heater or HVAC to a heat pump?

Read on to learn why heat pumps are going to be your secret “energy-saving” weapon:
● What is a heat pump?
● Why heat pumps will make your home more efficient.
● Where you can find an installer, incentives, and rebates

Heat pumps are energy-efficient alternatives to traditional water heaters or HVAC systems that can heat your water or heat and cool your home using a fraction of the energy.

What is a heat pump?

While gas uses fuel combustion to make heat, a heat pump works by transferring warm or cool air to whatever areas need to be heated or cooled. Various appliances and systems around your home can be replaced with a heat pump version, including a dryer, water heater, space heater, or air conditioner.

How does a heat pump benefit you?


  • Purchasing: Heat pump technology now costs around the same as gas technology, or can even be free for low-income households thanks to the rebates, incentives, and tax breaks.
  • While You Use It: Air-conditioning, space heating, and water heating make up the majority of home energy consumption. Switching to energy-efficient alternatives can make a big difference to your bill.
  • In the Long-Term: HVAC heat pumps are two systems in one – air conditioning and heating. So output-wise they last longer than any standard system meaning you’ll have one less appliance to maintain and replace.


  • At Home: Running and maintaining gas lines to your home carries risks including explosions and fire hazards, as well as indoor air pollution. If you decide to fully electrify your home, your gas line will be capped at your property.
  • Globally: Reducing the amount of natural gas coming into your home means less carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses entering the atmosphere.


How do you get started?

1. Find an installer.

With growing market demand, more and more contractors are installing heat pumps. To find licensed contractors who are experts at installing heat pumps, use the Switch Is On searchable database.

2. Access incentives and rebates.

Take advantage of incentives to maximize your savings. Search your zip code to find the incentives and rebates that are available in your area. MCE also offers a $1,000 contractor rebate for installing heat pump water heaters. Talk to your contractor about the rebate so that you can share in the savings.

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