Start Spring Cleaning: Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Start Spring Cleaning: Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

If you’re looking for ways to start your spring cleaning, consider solutions to reduce your energy consumption and choose renewable energy! From easy upgrades to simple swaps, there are lots of little ways to tidy up your carbon footprint for a feel-good start to spring.

Reduce Your Usage with Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency upgrades help you reduce electricity consumption in your home while maintaining the same comfort and quality of life – sometimes they even improve it! Try these easy and cost-effective ways to reduce your usage:

  • Seal air leaks. Use weather stripping and caulking to seal gaps around windows, doors, and vents to prevent air leaks and improve insulation.
  • Install a programmable thermostat. Set your thermostat to adjust temperature settings automatically. This optimized energy usage is based on your schedule and preferences.
  • Unplug electronics when you aren’t using them. Reduce “vampire” energy consumption by unplugging electronics or by using power strips to easily switch off multiple devices at once. Even better is to connect the strip to a timer to automatically turn them on and off at a set time each day.


Change Your Behavior

Did you know that most electricity users in California are on a time-of-use rate? That rate means you’re charged not only for how much electricity you use but also when you use it. One simple shift – using less electricity between 4 and 9 p.m. when electricity prices are higher – can give you savings on your utility bill and your carbon footprint.

Try running major appliances and charging EVs between 12 and 4 p.m. when the highest concentration of solar energy is on the grid and power is cheaper.

Go Further with Electrification

Swapping out old and aging appliances with newer, more efficient electric versions is a great way to go green. Or consider upgrading your car with a zero-emission EV.

  • Swap your gas stove for an induction cooktop for worry-free cooking. This swap not only reduces your carbon footprint, but it also improves the indoor air quality of your home and increases safety for children and pets.
  • Plan for replacing aging HVAC systems and water heaters with high-efficiency heat pumps. These upgrades can also provide significant savings on your monthly bill.


Choose 100% Renewable Electricity

Go 100% renewable with MCE Deep Green. Switching to renewable energy is the easiest way to lower your carbon footprint.

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