Multifamily Strategic Energy Management

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Lower Operating Costs and Utility Bills

MCE’s Strategic Energy Management program helps your multifamily property save energy and money. MCE’s energy coach will work with you on the building blocks to achieve sustainable energy savings, focusing on operations and maintenance changes that can reduce your energy usage by up to 15% with little to no capital investment. You will also earn cash incentives for electricity and gas you save, enabling you to reinvest these savings into your property and residents.

There is no financial commitment to participate. Your investment is the staff time to participate and implement projects, including attending free quarterly workshops throughout the two-year program.

What You‘ll Get

A site walk-through with a dedicated energy coach and engineering staff to identify energy savings opportunities
Up to 15% energy savings with little to no capital investment
Incentives for energy saved
Up to $6,000 in additional incentives for achieving program milestones

Who‘s Eligible

Multifamily property customers within MCE’s service area are eligible to participate.

How It Works


Connect with MCE

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Develop your project scope

Conduct a site walk-through with your energy coach to identify energy-saving opportunities, including maintenance, operational, and behavior changes. Learn to identify and address both common areas and in-unit energy inefficiencies and monitor the growth of your progress. Gain knowledge to build resilience to withstand unexpected energy challenges.

Engage employees and residents in workshops

Build an internal energy team. Learn from energy experts, problem-solve, and collaborate with peers in action-oriented workshops.

Monitor progress and repeat what works

Work with your energy coach to track progress towards energy savings goals. Apply learnings from your customized assessment and training to maximize your savings, and gain energy insights through custom-built energy models.

Meet Our Partner

CLEAResult program representatives will guide you through MCE’s Strategic Energy Management program and provide a comprehensive approach to energy efficiency. CLEAResult focuses on individualized services for your multifamily property to identify energy-saving opportunities, develop implementation options, and provide technical assistance and project support.


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