Top 4 Ways to Prepare for a Public Safety Power Shutoff Event

Top 4 Ways to Prepare for a Public Safety Power Shutoff Event

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During this wildfire season you may be affected by a Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) event. In the interest of public safety, severe weather such as high temperatures, strong winds, and low humidity may require PG&E to shut off electricity to certain parts of the grid. MCE doesn’t determine when PSPS events will occur or when power will be restored, but our priority is to make sure that our customers are prepared if and when these events take place. Here are four things you can do to prepare for a PSPS event.

1. Find out how likely you are to be affected by a PSPS event

Visit the California Public Utilities Commission’s Fire Threat Map to determine if you’re in an area likely to be considered for a public safety outage. Locations in tier two or three fire threat zones are at greater risk for losing power. If you’re located outside these areas, you may also experience an outage if your community relies on a transmission line that’s shut off in high-threat areas. Visit PG&E’s seven-day forecast at to see forecasted PSPS events in your area.

2. Check for updates

Make sure that your contact information is up-to-date at to receive notifications in advance of an event. If a PSPS event occurs in your area, you’ll be notified through your preferred contact method as early as two days before the outage and right before power is set to shut off. Check for regular updates during a PSPS event at

3. Use a portable battery charger or power bank

Consider investing in a portable battery or power bank as part of your emergency planning. Battery backups provide a pollution-free, low-noise alternative to gas generators and can help you keep your cell phone and other essential electronic devices charged when you need them most. Learn about incentives for home energy storage (backup batteries) on our Residential Energy Storage page.

4. Apply for the Medical Baseline program if you rely on power for your medical or transportation needs

If you rely on a medical or transportation device that uses electricity, you may qualify for PG&E’s Medical Baseline Program. If you’re eligible, you’ll receive a lower rate on your monthly energy bill and extra notifications before a PSPS event. Due to COVID-19, Medical Baseline applicants are not currently required to provide a signature by a qualified medical practitioner.

By enrolling in the program, you may also qualify for other program benefits and incentives through the California Foundation for Independent Living Centers. We encourage you to apply for these disability access and disaster resources, which may include meals, hotel stays, accessible transportation, and home batteries for backup power.

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