Top 5 Things to Consider When Installing Home Energy Storage

Top 5 Things to Consider When Installing Home Energy Storage

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Reliability, electricity bill reduction, and environmental incentives are some of the many benefits of installing home energy storage (more commonly known as a battery). If you’ve decided to invest in home energy storage, consider the factors listed below.

1. Connecting Existing Solar to a Battery
When your battery is installed, it must be interconnected with PG&E and any additional home energy source, such as solar panels. You must also get a permit from your local jurisdiction. Due to safety concerns and the intricacies of designing and permitting, MCE recommends that you hire a licensed professional to help you size, design, and install your energy storage system.

2. Sizing Your Storage Appropriately
Battery size depends on what you’re backing up. An installation professional can estimate how many kilowatt-hours of storage you need by examining the appliances that you will use during an outage. You can also look at your monthly bill to calculate your approximate daily energy use.

3. Using Your Storage
If you’re integrating a battery with a solar system, you can take advantage of your new storage by plugging your appliances directly into the wall. A storage installer can even help you hook up specific appliances to your storage system to automatically receive power during an outage. If you’re using a portable storage system, you can plug appliances and devices directly into your battery.

4. Considering Portable Options
If you don’t currently have solar and you’re interested in a lower-cost solar and storage solution, consider using a portable battery option. You can purchase batteries, such as the Yeti 3000, along with a portable solar panel. Depending on the size of the battery, you may be able to power necessary devices and appliances, such as CPAP machines, small refrigerators for medications or other vital perishables, and cell phones or laptops.

5. Finding a Licensed Storage Contractor
Try meeting with several professionals before deciding on your installation plan. Getting different opinions will help you choose the best storage size and design for your needs; it will also give you an idea of the range of costs. To find contractors, do an internet search and seek out word-of-mouth recommendations. Depending on your eligibility, you may also receive technical assistance, including planning, designing, and installation, through MCE’s Energy Storage Program.

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