Unlock Clean Energy Savings with New Incentive Finders and Learning Hub on MCE’s Revamped Site

Unlock Clean Energy Savings with New Incentive Finders and Learning Hub on MCE’s Revamped Site

Drumroll, please!  MCE’s revamped website is now live, offering a more seamless experience when browsing your clean energy options.

Saving money, time, and energy is just a click away on MCE’s new site. MCE’s new online tools help reduce your energy costs and make it easier to be part of the climate change solution.


Take advantage of our Residential Rebate and Incentive Finder

Ready to make upgrades to your home? Use our new Residential Rebate & Incentive Finder to get a customized list of savings for electric and energy-efficient upgrades for your home. Quickly check which federal, state, local, and MCE incentives you can combine to maximize your savings. What’s more, income-qualifying households may qualify for extra savings.

MCE’s newly designed explore programs & offers page also helps residents, businesses, organizations, and industry partners easily filter and identify ways to save energy and money.


Learn more in our Energy Learning Hub

For folks looking to dive deeper and learn about clean energy, get ready to illuminate your knowledge with our new Energy Learning Hub. Through videos and links, learn how to optimize your energy use, go all electric, or discover how MCE sources energy.

Tip: Want to know if you’re in MCE’s service area? Use our zip code finder!


Breathing New Life into Our Brand

Beyond the handy new tools on our website, you’ll also notice MCE’s new brand. The new color palette is rooted in the memorable landscapes and diverse flora across Contra Costa, Marin, Napa, and Solano Counties―a tribute to the heart of our member communities. It represents the powerful impact of renewable energy on health and the environment.

Powering Progress, Sparking Change

Since 2010, MCE has grown to serve over 1.5 million residents and businesses in four counties. Our brand continues to evolve as MCE expands, reflecting our growing impact in confronting climate change with clean energy solutions for all.

Unlock the power of clean energy tailored just for you on our new site and see your community reflected in our new brand. Your journey toward a greener future starts now!

Blog by Jackie Nuñez

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