Why Commercial Properties Are the Key to Electric Vehicle Adoption

Why Commercial Properties Are the Key to Electric Vehicle Adoption

The decreasing costs and available rebates for electric vehicles (EVs) make them a compelling option for drivers. New price points and lower maintenance costs can make EVs even more cost-effective than a gas-fueled car. However, adding charging at away-from-home locations is essential to increasing EV adoption. By installing EV chargers, workplaces and multifamily properties can increase EV adoption and support the State of California’s goal of 1.5 million EVs by 2025.

Where are EV chargers located?

EV charging stations are more common than you may think. Grocery store parking lots, parking garages, workplaces, and multifamily housing are increasingly installing EV charging to attract customers and renters. Some locations even have DC fast chargers, which can charge up your car in as little as 30 minutes, just enough time to shop at your local grocery store. Installing chargers at public locations improves the convenience of owning an EV. EV drivers can find charging stations near them or on their route by visiting the PlugShare map on our website or by using their preferred EV charging station locator app or map.

What are the benefits of installing EV chargers at your property?

  • Hosting a charging station at your workplace or multifamily property not only demonstrates your environmental commitment but also reduces carbon emissions.
  • Installing EV charging stations puts your business on the map, increasing visibility and attracting and retaining customers or renters. Without nearby chargers, people may go elsewhere to shop or live.
  • In 2020, EVs made up 10% of all new car purchases in the Bay Area, which is the hottest EV market in the United States. The Bay Area has over 215,000 EVs on the road.
  • Installing EV chargers can help your staff live more sustainably and can be included as part of your commuter benefits program. Employees are six times more likely to purchase or lease an EV if their workplaces offer charging.
  • You can save your employees and tenants money. Gas car drivers pay about 200% more annually to fill their tanks compared to those who drive EVs and charge up with MCE’s Deep Green 100% renewable energy.

Are there rebates available for installing EV chargers?

The MCEv Charging Program offers multifamily properties and workplaces $3,000 in rebates per Level 2 port installed and $750 per Level 1 port installed, free technical assistance, and the ability to combine our program with other incentives. Customers who enroll newly installed ports in MCE’s Deep Green electricity service receive an additional $500 incentive for each Level 2 port and $125 for each Level 1 port. The MCEv charging rebate and technical assistance is available on a first-come, first-served basis.

“San Rafael City Schools have taken full advantage of MCEv charging, installing over 170 ports at eight schools,” said Dan Zaich, Senior Director of Capital Improvements, Sustainable Design and Construction at San Rafael City Schools. “MCE’s rebate program and technical assistance have made these new installations possible. We’re excited to be able to offer our students, faculty, and community, access to cleaner transportation options and to be part of the climate solution.”

These charging projects span MCE’s 36 member communities, helping workplaces and multifamily properties increase access to EV charging stations, the lack of which is one of the biggest barriers to EV adoption. The MCEv Charging Program has supported the installation of over 850 Level 2 EV charging ports, equivalent to 56% of all public Level 2 charging ports in the four counties that MCE serves. Join us and help encourage drivers to make the switch to all-electric vehicles while supporting the State of California’s goal of 1.5 million EVs by 2025.


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