Why Should I Purchase an EV?

Why Should I Purchase an EV?

Over 1.2 million Californians are driving EVs today, including over 60,000 residents in Contra Costa, Solano, Marin, and Napa Counties. MCE has helped hundreds of income-qualified drivers get behind the wheel of an EV and connect to more affordable and sustainable transportation.

Why should I make the switch?

Gas-powered car drivers pay about 200% more annually to fill their tanks, which adds up to over $650 a year compared to EV drivers who charge with MCE’s Deep Green 100% renewable energy. EV drivers can also save on charging costs and on maintenance costs for regular upkeep. EVs don’t require oil changes and have fewer engine parts. The savings from maintenance costs compared to gas-powered vehicles can be even more significant than the savings from fuel costs. Find out more about your personalized savings by using this EV Savings Calculator.

“I work in San Francisco, so I need to SAVE AT THE PUMP and be able to drive in the carpool lane. My EV lets me do that.” -Althea O., El Sobrante

EVs run on electricity instead of fossil fuels, producing fewer emissions and zero tailpipe emissions. EVs improve air quality, increasing the health of your community, especially in urban areas.

“A relative had an asthma attack while visiting me. Air pollution is making people sick, so it’s good to drive an EV.” -Frankie M., Pittsburg

Can I afford an EV?

For some drivers, EV rebates and incentives can make the cost of buying or leasing an EV even less than a gas-powered car. Income-qualified households can save up to $13,750 in direct incentives, including MCE’s rebate of $3,500. Use this EV Savings Calculator to compare models and see what might be in your budget.

“I did the math. Incentives were very important. I couldn’t have purchased this car otherwise. MCE made it so simple and easy.” - Damian D., Novato

Am I eligible for the MCE EV rebate?

To be eligible for the MCE EV rebate, you must:

  1. Be an MCE customer in MCE’s service area
  2. Meet the income qualifications
  3. Purchase or lease an eligible EV

Apply for the MCE EV rebate through our interest form. MCE will contact you to confirm your eligibility and help you navigate other incentives to lower the cost of your EV. After your purchase or lease is made, fill out the MCE EV rebate application within 90 days.

“Thank you for your program! You have really helped our family as we were able to put this rebate toward our car.” -Lorenzo R., Larkspur

If you have any questions, reach out to info@mceCleanEnergy.org.

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