Youth Powering Our Future

Teaching, inspiring, and motivating Archie Williams High School students about clean energy at our Cooley Quarry Solar Project in Novato.

Creating a Sustainable Future Starts With You

Youth advocates around the globe have become a driving force for climate action. Get inspired, learn, and take action with these resources for young environmental leaders.


Dive into the world of clean energy and climate action with these educational resources.

Energy 101

Energy Basics

Wind Power

Solar Power


Geothermal Energy


Energy Efficiency


Climate 101

Climate Change Basics

Climate Change and the Natural World

Climate Change and Human Health

Climate Change and Your Community

What is Climate Justice?

Youth Climate Activism

Climate Conscious Actions

Vulnerable Communities and Climate Change

Resources for Educators

Are you an educator or youth-serving organization looking for teaching resources? Explore free clean energy and climate change presentations, activities, and resources K–12 students.

Take Action

Youth Climate Education Toolkit

Our Youth Climate Education Toolkit covers climate change basics, sustainable living practices, ways to get involved in the fight against climate change, and additional resources to expand your climate knowledge.

Join a community organization

Find opportunities to join local climate action or sustainability efforts at youth-led organizations or local environmental organizations.

Green your energy use

Turn Off the Lights When Leaving a Room

Make it a habit to turn off lights when you leave a room. This simple action can save a significant amount of electricity over time.

Approximately 30 percent of the energy used in most buildings today is either used unnecessarily or inefficiently.

Shift Energy Use Outside 4–9 pm

California is most likely to rely on fossil fuel generation from 4–9 pm. When possible, run major appliances like washing machines and dishwashers outside these hours to reduce emissions.

To use the cleanest energy, shift your use to prime solar power generation hours from late morning to mid-afternoon. More 4–9 pm tips here.

Use Smart Power Strips

Utilize smart power strips to automatically cut power to electronics that are not in use. This prevents energy wastage from devices in standby mode.

Up to 10% of residential electricity use is from appliances draining energy when they’re not in use.

Turn Off Game Consoles

Ensure that game consoles are fully powered down and unplugged when not in use. Some consoles have a standby mode that still consumes energy.

Standby power costs the average U.S. household about $100 per year.

Embrace Layered Clothing

In cooler seasons, wear layered clothing to stay warm without relying heavily on heating systems.

Heating and cooling systems make up the largest percentage of home energy consumption.

Wash Laundry in Cold Water

Cold-water washing cleans just as effectively for most loads of laundry. It also saves energy, reduces emissions, and helps your clothing last longer.

Water heating makes up about 90% of energy used by the average washing machine.

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