Local Sol

100% Locally Produced Solar Energy

“Think Global, Act Local” appropriately describes our 100% solar service produced at the Cooley Quarry Solar Project in Novato.

Energy from a Marin Solar Farm

Installing solar panels isn’t practical for everyone. But with Local Sol, anyone can harness solar power produced nearby.

Shine On

Long-term Rate Stability

Unlike most electricity services that have rates that change over time, Local Sol offers a guaranteed, long-term rate. This rate is directly tied to what we pay the people who produce the energy.

Know Your Source

This power is produced at the Cooley Quarry Solar Project in Novato. It’s part of our Feed-In Tariff program, which fosters sustainable energy development in the communities we serve.


Local Sol participation is limited to about 300 customers due to the amount of solar power available from the Cooley Quarry project. Customers are enrolled on a first-come, first-served basis. Although Local Sol is at capacity and is closed for enrollment, Deep Green, our 100% renewable option, is available.

The Local Sol rate is $0.142/kWh for all customers. For the average residential customer on an E-TOU-C (time-of-use) rate schedule, that typically is about $175.73 total per month.

The Local Sol rate is directly tied to the cost of energy acquired through MCE’s Feed-In Tariff contract with the solar developer. As a result, the Local Sol rate will not increase over the 20-year term of the contract between MCE and the solar developer (beginning January 1, 2015, through and including December 31, 2035).

Local Sol customers will retain their current PG&E rate schedule for electricity delivery charges, but will pay only the flat, non-time-of-use Local Sol rate for electricity generation.

PG&E will continue to send your monthly electricity bill. Generation charges for Local Sol will be included on your bill as a separate line item.

Many customers do not live in single-family homes or have limited exposure to direct sunlight where they live. In addition, rooftop solar projects can be costly and can require complex leasing arrangements or long-term contracts. Local Sol offers customers the opportunity to collectively fund renewable development in their community and help eliminate greenhouse gas emissions associated with their electricity consumption.

Yes. Customers may opt out of Local Sol at any time. There is no minimum term length associated with participation in Local Sol. If you choose to switch to another MCE service option, such as Light Green or Deep Green, no fee will apply. Customers who choose to switch to PG&E service after they have been with MCE for more than 60 days are subject to the same one-time $5.00 (residential) or $25.00 (commercial) fee that currently applies to all other MCE service options.

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