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Relaxing at Pond Farm Brewing Co. in San Rafael, Deep Green Champion since 2019, after touring MCE energy-generating sites.

Deep Green Champions are local businesses, nonprofits, and public sector organizations like yours that wish to demonstrate their commitment to environmental stewardship and stopping climate change. It’s free to join if you receive 100% renewable service from MCE.

Just follow these simple steps:


Opt up to Deep Green 100% renewable energy service, if you haven’t already.


Complete the authorization form to start enjoying our complimentary marketing benefits.

Marketing Opportunities

By choosing 100% renewable electricity for your operations, you have taken an important step toward a healthier planet. We aim to provide you the recognition your organization deserves as a climate action leader and help you tell your story as a Deep Green Champion.

Our social media channels help promote your organization

We use social media to amplify messaging about your organization and boost your potential reach. Our followers are eager to support local organizations that choose clean energy. We love sharing Deep Green Champions news and announcements. We also want to share your Deep Green story via social media to inspire others to act.
MCE Deep Green Champion Instagram and Facebook Social Media Post

We feature Deep Green Champions in our ads and materials

Organizations like yours are truly the face of MCE, championing 100% renewable electricity. We occasionally feature Deep Green Champions in print ads, trade journals, or outreach materials.

Our website highlights Deep Green Champions

Your organization will be listed on our Deep Green Champions page. This directory gives our visitors useful information about local green businesses to visit and support. On a rotating basis, we feature these businesses in a visual carousel. Do you have a new development or an interesting story of how 100% renewable energy has positively impacted your business? We would love to have the option to promote it on our blog!

Join the Deep Green Champions Today

Let us spread the word about your commitment to the environment and 100% renewable energy.

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For inquiries or specific requests for Deep Green Champion marketing opportunities, please contact or call (888) 632-3674.

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