Celebrating Women’s History Month with Clean Energy

Celebrating Women’s History Month with Clean Energy

This Women’s History Month MCE, is celebrating the progress of both clean energy and the women who have helped pave the way for a more sustainable future for MCE customers. In this blog, you’ll learn more about some of the women who have made our work possible, highlighting the pivotal role women play in shaping the transition to clean power.

Women of Service

Kate Sears

Kate Sears was on the Marin County Board of Supervisors for a decade, acting as MCE’s Board Chair for many years along with numerous efforts to support sustainability in action. Sears led Marin County’s sea level rise adaptation initiative, BayWAVE, and launched DRAWDOWN: Marin, a community-driven effort to reduce Marin’s greenhouse gas emissions. Learn more about Sears’ career in public service here.

Dana Armanino

Dana Armanino is a Principal Planner on the Marin County Community Development Agency’s Sustainability Team, where she works to further the County’s Climate Action Plan. Armanino’s environmental reach in the county is extensive and includes programs for climate protection, EVs, energy efficiency, and energy resilience. Her work with MCE includes the installation of 31 public EV chargers at the Marin Civic Center and 22 at the sheriff’s facility. Learn more about Armanino’s advocacy here.

Sustainability Champions

Barbara Postel

Barbara Postel lives in Atchison Village, a mutual homes association in Richmond, California that was originally built as housing for Kaiser Shipyard workers during World War II. Today it’s a diverse, 450 unit, multigenerational community with a democratically elected Board of Directors. Postel led a water-saving project at her homes association and advocated for solar installation and EV charging. Her efforts transformed her community, bringing clean energy to over 125 units. Learn more about Postel’s story here.

Linda Jackson

Linda Jackson is the former Director of the Marin Aging Action Initiative (AAI), President of the San Rafael City Schools Board of Education, and a Board Member of Sustainable San Rafael and the Marin County League of Women Voters. Jackson’s experience in the Peace Corps led to a decades-long career in public service before she began leading AAI, recognizing the importance of supporting aging individuals. Learn more about Jackson’s work here.

Women in Green Construction

Bry’Ana Wallace

MCE’s partnership with Rising Sun Center for Opportunity offers training programs for youth, women, and individuals interested in reentering the workforce. In summer 2021, Bry’Ana Wallace graduated from the Rising Sun Program, going on to work a two-week solar job with GRID Alternatives. Rising Sun connected Wallace to Moms4Housing, an organization that helps reclaim housing for homeless mothers. Because of that connection, Wallace and her son were able to move into a house of their own and were no longer homeless. Learn more about Wallace’s green career path here.

Jessica Lee

Jessica Lee graduated from the Rising Sun training program in 2021, securing a job in the electrical industry. She always knew she wanted to work with her hands but felt isolated as a woman in the building trades. Lee’s takeaway from her time with Rising Sun is to apply a strong work ethic and curious mindset to any challenges that come her way. Learn more about Lee’s experience here.

The Power of Women

Despite being historically underrepresented in STEM fields and the energy sector, women are increasingly taking the lead in clean energy initiatives. Women are instrumental in driving community-led renewable energy projects and are playing a key role in advocating for policy changes that support clean energy adoption and sustainable initiatives. By incorporating many diverse perspectives in climate change conversations we can remove barriers to entry for historically marginalized populations in the clean energy sector. This means improving access to education, training, and mentorship opportunities so everyone can access the clean energy future they deserve.

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