MCE’s Energy Storage Program: Making Clean Energy Accessible

MCE’s Energy Storage Program: Making Clean Energy Accessible

MCE is helping communities save money and go green with our innovative Energy Storage Program. By offering batteries to critical facilities at reduced or no cost, MCE is making it easier to access clean energy. 

How the Program Works

Critical facilities like schools, medical centers, or housing for underserved populations in communities  are vital parts of our communities. These facilities provide shelter for vulnerable people during outages, offering necessary services and potentially acting as gathering sites for the community. MCE’s Energy Storage Program is designed to support our entire community by reducing the financial burden of energy storage. Here’s how we do it:

  1. Incentives: MCE applies for statewide incentives through the Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP) on behalf of our customers. These incentives help reduce the cost of purchasing and installing battery storage systems.
  2. Bridge Funding: To make things even easier, we provide up-front funding to cover the SGIP incentives so that customers don’t have to wait for the official incentive funds to arrive before starting their projects. It speeds up the installation process and reduces the immediate financial strain.
  3. Gap Funding: MCE’s Resiliency Fund also offers gap funding to reduce up-front capital costs by providing incentives per kilowatt-hour of installed battery energy storage.

Initially, MCE worked with an implementation partner to manage project developers and installers. In 2022, MCE took over the responsibilities. Now, MCE handles everything from customer outreach and service to project management and technical assistance. 

Impressive Results

The impact of MCE’s Energy Storage Program has already been significant. Here are some highlights:


MCE provided technical support and funding for microgrids at 14 schools, three community centers, an affordable housing center, a fire station, and three health centers. Over 100 facilities across 33 cities are now participating in the program.

  • More than $300,000 in MCE bill credits will be distributed over seven years for daily load shifting.
  • Over $1.7 million in SGIP incentives have been secured.

But we’re not stopping here! We have plans to expand our Energy Storage Program even further. Here’s what’s next:

  • New Funding and Projects: In 2023, MCE was awarded funds to deploy behind-the-meter battery energy storage systems paired with solar panels at critical facilities. The goal is to provide emergency backup power and reduce daily energy use from 4-9 p.m. This will maximize the use of onsite solar energy and reduce strain on the grid, helping to provide a more reliable energy supply and lower emissions across the state.

Bottom Line

MCE’s Energy Storage Program is making a big difference in promoting clean energy and helping communities save money. By providing financial incentives and taking over project management, MCE is ensuring that more people can access and benefit from battery storage systems. With plans to expand the program and take on new projects, MCE is committed to creating a greener, more sustainable future for everyone.

Blog by Jenna Tenney

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