Green Access

100% renewable energy at a discount for select customers to support energy equity

Be Green. Save Green.

MCE’s Green Access program provides you with 100% renewable energy service, along with an additional 20% discount on electricity bills. You’ll save money and help fight climate change at the same time!

MCE is building an over 4 MW solar farm located nearby that will eventually provide 100% renewable energy for Green Access participants. While it’s being built, energy for Green Access participants will come from the Cottonwood solar project located in Kern and Kings Counties.

The Green Access Tariff is Green-e® Energy certified and meets the environmental and consumer-protection standards set forth by the nonprofit Center for Resource Solutions. Learn more at

Who’s eligible for automatic enrollment

You’re already enrolled in MCE’s Green Access program if you received the following mailed Enrollment Notice (pdf). No further action is needed.

To be eligible for automatic enrollment into MCE’s Green Access program, you must:

  • Be enrolled in CARE/FERA program
  • Have made full or partial payments on your electricity bill in the last eight months prior to being enrolled in MCE's Green Access program
  • Live in one of the following zip codes, which experience the highest pollution burden in MCE’s service area, according to the CalEnviroScreen:
  • 94565 (Pittsburg)
  • 94801 (Richmond)
  • 94804 (Richmond)
  • 94590 (Vallejo)
  • Not have solar installed on your property

Have You Moved?

Green Access move form

If you’re currently enrolled in MCE’s Green Access program and recently moved (or are planning to move), please complete the form below so that we can verify if you’re eligible to continue receiving the 20% discount at your new address.


Contact us at or call (888) 632-3674, Mon–Fri from 9 am to 5 pm.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are three ways to see if you’re enrolled in MCE’s Green Access program:

    1. You received a mailed enrollment notice

      MCE mailed all Green Access participants a letter to notify them about their new 20% discount and 100% renewable energy service.

    2. You can check your PG&E bill

      If you’re enrolled in MCE’s Green Access program, the electricity portion of your PG&E bill will include a “Green Access Discount” line on the “Details of MCE Electric Generation Charges” page.

    3. You can ask us

      Contact us at or call (888) 632-3674 Mon–Fri from 9 am to 5 pm. Please have your PG&E account number available so that we can determine if you’re enrolled in MCE’s Green Access program.

To make enrollment as easy as possible, MCE automatically enrolled customers who are eligible. The program is currently at maximum capacity and is not enrolling additional customers.

MCE’s Green Access program will run through August 2041. You’ll receive the 20% discount until that time or until you’re no longer eligible, whichever comes first.
MCE’s Green Access program’s 20% discount is on top of your current electricity rates and can be combined with discounts from most other programs. Your eligibility in these other programs will not be affected.
MCE’s Green Access program’s 20% discount applies to your total electricity charges from MCE (electric generation) and PG&E (electric delivery). However, it does not apply to the gas portion of your PG&E bill.
You may opt out at any time by contacting us at Participants who opt out of MCE’s Green Access program may not be able to return at a later date due to the program’s limited capacity.

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