How Can I Use Energy More Sustainably?

How Can I Use Energy More Sustainably?

Looking to lower your utility bill or shrink your carbon footprint? Small shifts like choosing different times of the day to run appliances, or by going 100% renewable for just a few dollars more a month, are all it takes to see big changes. Read on to learn how MCE can help you use electricity more sustainably.

Check the Time From 4 to 9

Did you know the most expensive time to use energy is between 4 and 9 p.m.? As we return home from work or school in the early evening, we increase electricity demand by running dishwashers and catching up on laundry. Using less power from 4 to 9 p.m. can save you money and reduce the need for polluting “peaker plants”.

California still relies on fossil-fuel-powered “peaker plants” to generate electricity during times of high demand. Peaker plants are generation plants that use natural gas to supply power when renewables are less available. These plants are often less efficient than other types of power generation and create both greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution. Because of the harmful health and environmental impacts of these plants, they are only powered up when California’s electricity demand is too high to be met by other available sources. When you use less energy during these times, you benefit from lower costs and reduce the likelihood that California will turn on these polluting, fossil-fuel-powered plants that are often located in underserved and historically marginalized communities.

Save money, shrink your carbon footprint, and help vulnerable populations by scheduling tasks that require energy outside of the 4 to 9 p.m. window. You can even get creative with energy efficiency by using things you may already have at home, like a crock pot! Avoid expensive energy bills by turning your crockpot on when you leave the house in the morning. You’ll come home to a cozy dinner that’s ready to eat and made sustainably!

Take a look at MCE’s 4-9 page for more pro tips!

MCE Sync: EV Smart-Charging App

The MCE Sync app helps you automate your EV charging at home to use the least expensive and cleanest energy on the grid. The app also allows you to track how your charging affects your energy costs and environmental savings. Automating your charging to the cheapest off-peak hours  takes advantage of the plentiful clean energy on the grid and ensures your zero-emission vehicle is using the cleanest power available.

Check out the MCE Sync page for more information!

Electrify Your Home

Home electrification can reduce average house emissions by 30-60%. For homes with Deep Green 100% renewable energy (see below), electrification can eliminate virtually all emissions! Rather than relying on appliances that use non-renewable energy like gas stovetops and hot water heaters, consider switching to electric powered ones.

For more home electrification tips, check out MCE’s home electrification blog. If you own or rent a single-family home, see if you qualify for free energy upgrades from our Home Energy Savings program.

Opt Up to Deep Green 100% Renewable Energy

Choosing 100% renewable energy is a great way to reduce climate impacts while creating community benefits. MCE ensures that 100% of your annual energy usage is covered by clean energy sources. Take action today and go 100% renewable at

Combine any or all of these tips for a lower energy bill and a smaller carbon footprint. Write a post about your sustainability journey and share it on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Nextdoor. And share the tips you’ve learned with your family, friends and neighbors!

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